What’s up, Queens? With the winter vacation at the corner, it’s time we set new records at all-time highs. What’s brewing at Maharani for December and January? This month, we reveal our most trending products at Maharani, that’s been eyed by all our queens, big or small, high or low, and the best of all products. Scroll down to read more. 

The Hard Box Affair

An affair with a hard box? Yes, you heard that right. Hard-box clutches are one of a kind. An eccentric, royal, and impeccable-looking clutch. With an attractive design, either embroidered or acrylic made, these clutches are worth all your investment. Check out Hard Box Cluthes Collection Maharani Women today! 

Easy to carry, portable, and looking elegant and lovely, these clutches, set at affordable prices with trending designs on the market. Be it your wedding attire, cocktail party, or a small gathering at a dine-in hotel; hard box clutches must be your go-to. 

A Saree is an evergreen emotional delight

Sarees are a forever collection at Maharani Women. They come in all ranges from cotton to silk, to Banaras, to embroidered, to heavy- and every saree has a local weaver’s personal story attached to it. 

Why not support local weavers and sellers putting their impeccable designs on our platform today? Shop Sarees at Maharani Women today to know more. 

Seasonal Wears? Try our Party Wear Lehengas!

They could be everyday wear as well, but no- we chose them to be our best selects at cocktail parties or mehendi functions! Not introducing, but why not revisit our Party Wear Lehengas category at the store?

Completely affordable, this above lehenga is just below 2500/-! Shop for light, comfortable, and incredible colors with the sweetest of all designs and self-designs, available stitched or semi-stitched at Maharani Women today! 

What’s new with Jewellery?

Sure that jewelry and earrings at Maharani have always been credited as the top most versatile and accessible. We have an amazing collection, especially Bollywood Inspired Meenakari Danglers curated for you by Maharani herself for the year-end sale! 

Well, that’s all, queen! These are top rating and trending products at Maharani, which create the talk, and are best for you this month. In conclusion, shop more on Maharani Women for an eccentric and nonchalant collection. See you soon. Let’s keep it royal!

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