Online Marketplace For Women: What No One Is Talking About?

In this, we will talk about how women have contributed to the online marketplace and what no one talks about. We also travel with various success stories that emerge worldwide and how women entrepreneurs are changing today’s marketplace, adding more value and fame to it.  

Online marketplace for women

Online Marketplace for Women

E-commerce platforms have turned into a HubSpot for young entrepreneurs and commoners to find employment opportunities and many more. Any site that deals with technology or offers multi-purpose services has a similar or female-dominated domain to earn income. We have seen at least one woman in our community create or stitch the cutest of things and win some bread for their family. 

products online

Now, we acknowledge more women doing the same, not physically but shifting that base to e-commerce platforms and selling their products over there. There are a lot of inspiring women who have been either abused or locked access by their partners that have fought hard and come out. Some stories even include them earning six figures right now. They had in common to try their ideas on the internet. 

Maharani Women’s Plot

An idea driven by a local woman’s mind to start an eCommerce website with her exquisite fashion site that renders clothing and jewelry to commoners at affordable prices and a fantastic range to pick from is what made Maharani Women every woman’s go-to for any wear. Be it casual, party, or bridal. “Women want an enthralling experience for their weddings, in royal style. We at Maharani Women make sure their ends are met, keeping up with Gen-Z’s expectations as well. It’s tough but possible,” says Tanishka Kapoor, Founder at Maharani Women.

online shopping
handcrafted and funky

When young girls and college-going students couldn’t find their wedding attire appealing and international, Ms. Kapoor decided to set up the online store. Queens all over India that had an enticing fashion sense is her look uptill. Her success story is ever known in Bengaluru, India’s start-up city. Not only rendering excellent services right from providing a seamless user interface on their e-commerce platform, but Maharani Women also thrives at safely delivering packages to your doorstep. They provide fantastic employment opportunities for women, empowering and adhering to sisterhood. They also owe to furnishing an online marketplace for women. 

Covid Nuance

This current Covid Era, which struck us almost two years ago, has let women quickly delve into the entrepreneurial world. With everyone at home, it has made their lives easy, and some of them were lucky to find their passion, such as creating cute bookmarks, crafty materials, or handmade jewelry, and decided to start a small business. Every day, we come across one cute online store on Instagram that sells glass phone cases. Or valet cards or designs supernova-like Canva templates. 

women entrepreneurs

In this era, if a woman wishes to grow her business geographically, she must set her store and services online as well not only to attract the eye but also increase her credit score among her site visitors. The online marketplace for women is blooming with everlasting high-end technology for UI and UX, and women of all, trying out their stores online. That’s amazing. On the bright side, it improves the country’s efficiency as well. 

What a Young Woman can Look for?

The sites later offer internships to other women who wish to try out their skills with tech. Thus, interns get to learn along with hands-on experience. The platforms also avail freelance services from young minds that wish to expand their horizons, enhancing the employment opportunities aftermath. If women getting their hands-on IT and tech was, on the one hand, looking at them elevate this to another level by applying their simple theories is called awesomeness. If you’re looking to support this small business and women altogether, you might want to read a few of these points.

online marketplace for women
local brands and customized products

Start with searching for women-founded local brands and try funding them (if you’re rich) or market them on your social profiles. Make noise for their products after the specific quality check. These women, too, were once like you, sitting idly at home and had their brains working to their maximum. Why not ponder their work while you shop like a Rani and feel like a Maharani ?  You can give them shoutouts, introduce their brand to your friends, and whatnot. Or a simple review of yours on their website can make their day better as well. 

Conclusion – Online Marketplace for Women

Women have come this far, bridging the gender gap, age gap, societal expectations issues, and like. They have dragged the entire clan with them and made their locals real proud. It’s time we, too, consider looking for local women that start their business and help them with what we can. It feels so fantastic watching them grow and adding value to online marketplace for women tag. Women empowering women. How lovely!

online marketplace for women

Her Campus Lifestyle – On-Boarding and Statement Look!

With the date of college and university life commencing around the corner, it’s time you changed your wardrobe to set examples, follow the current trends, or even better, live the best days wearing your comfortable yet unique in-style outfits. We all know there are some days where you have to play the businesswoman, or that wealthy yet smart entrepreneur role, or dress up for the homecoming queen, ohh what about nailing the best outfit for freshers’ day? 

In case you’re an international student as well, don’t worry, Maharani’s got you. We will help and guide you with useful tips and hacks to make the best of your college life, starting with your wardrobe collection. It must look versatile, and consist of the desired outfit for any occasion college throws at you. Maharani will also share some exciting college tips that she mastered in her college life, so that you can believe in these just like she did. What else are you waiting for? Dive right in, hun.

Wardrobe Must-Haves

Yes, we are aware that you would always want it to look simple and casual, yet make it worthwhile, while picking an outfit for college. What could you wear for a regular 5-day college every week? Here are Maharani’s top selects:

Straight Kurtis and Jeans: They would never disappoint you and work wonders. What if you had an awkward meeting with your HOD, or even worse, called to the Principal’s office? Kurti definitely sets an impression. Right? 

Anarkalis with Jeggings: These are desi favorites. If you come from a strict yet modern household, Maharani suggests you go for this look. Safe, casual, pretty, and always interactive kind of outfit. Anarkalis are worn from the Mughal era, till date, explains the love we have for Indian wear, doesn’t it?

Semi-formal Tops and Trousers: This outfit is only to make an impact on your peers, this sets it. Wear a solid color top or a floral top or self-designed tops that look semi-formal, yet casual. And then, pair it up with a pair of trousers that are either a pastel color or dark shades. Viola, you’ve created your statement look, get ready to be called “That Entrepreneur Girl” in college, if you dress it more with a coat! 

Skirts and cute tops: Yes, we all know that one girl that wears skirts to college. Oops, hun, sorry, we were just talking about how lovely you look. Yes, in case you fall into this category, check out the latest collection of skirts at Maharani and do a spree on them. Okay?

Occasional Outfit Collection

We are 100% sure your freshers is around the corner, or you have a meet up with THE boss. No worries, we gotchu. Here are some major Maharani outfits to adorn and own for occasion wear. 

Freshers: A lehenga or a salwar suit. Either of your picks should work great. Usually these outfits set a classic example of how beautiful you could look and deliver your homecoming speech or freshers speech in one go. Moreover, these outfits set an example to the rest of your peers that the mini-you can pull off anything, be it a dress, or a lehenga, you own and flaunt it. Salwar Suits on the other hand, come a long way, if you’re a fan of these, Maharani suggests you definitely try her best picks on site, and deliver the speech, right away, with more confidence of course. 

Investiture Ceremony: We are sure you have a color themed outfit for this particular occasion. Hey, kudos to you for bagging that impressive position at your college sweetheart! Now, to wear and set a statement, Maharani has several straight kurtis and Anarkalis available in store for you to check out. Pick an outfit you like, and flaunt it queen!

Ethnic Day: Yes, we have all loved and dreaded for this day to arrive. Positive vibes everywhere, cute stuff happening (iykyk) around the corners, and YOU, standing out. We suggest you wear some beautiful sarees, also check out on Maharani, we mean it. Ethnic day comes once a year, don’t you want to make the most of it? Wear something simple yet impeccable of your taste silk saree, or a Salwar Suit, in case you’re uncomfortable with saree. And there you go! All set. 

Accessories and Footwear Collection to Flaunt

Some of the must-haves in accessories are everyday clutches, be it rectangular or hard box, or round college wears. There are several limited-edition back to college clutches too that you could try on at Maharani. Clutches are handy, useful when you have an in-college meet up. Imagine you have to show up with your bag all the time! Won’t it be a life-saver when you have an in-emergency clutch lying inside your bag, all the time. Time has come to invest in it, hun. 

Your must-try time for jewellery too has arrived. Maharani has several statement earrings you could try on, that cost you less than 600/- and all college approved. Check out our store for more. They look so adorable, yet fashionable and they set the trend of course. Put them on, and own them today!

However, we have finally arrived at the destination stop for you to step out of your home, take that metro or bus, or scooty, and then barge inside the college, flaunting your ID cards. What about your footwear?

Each person has their own comfort footwear when it comes to wearing them daily. It could be either heels, or juttis, or sliders, or just crocs. Whenever you wear anything Indian, always match that with a selective piece of footwear that screams Indian too. Check out the latest collection of juttis and more at Maharani. 

All the Best Queen!

With that, Maharani wishes you good luck towards this new beginning of your academic year. Never settle for less. Score the best in those exams, and above all, live to your fullest. Always remember, wear comfortable clothes, make a good impression and stand out among your peers, if you ever have a doubt with your outfits and looks, we are one dm away on Instagram (@maharaniwomen) or you could always contact us for recommendations as well.

This Week’s Top Stories about Online Fashion Hub

Are you looking for that perfect Indian attire that screams festive vibes and throws some sunshine here and there? Read through some of our trendiest outfit ideas and stories that you must dwell about before buying for this festive season—featuring some of our top stories about the Online Fashion Blog – Maharani Women.

With an opening of Varalakshmi Vrath, which is usually celebrated on any Friday during Shravan month, and the bond celebration of siblings – Rakhi, Ganesh Chaturthi, and subsequently, it’s vital that you keep certain Indian traditional outfits set and ready. Top ideas? Keep scrolling.

Outfit Story #1

The festive season is cherished and worked on for long hours, and to keep it casual, wear something simple, along with a pair of beautiful jhumkas and the best footwear choice? Printed Juttis! However, you can mix and match wearing trousers or pants that portray a solid color or call it modern with a pair of low-waist jeans. This idea will work wonders for in addition to, if you belong to Gen Z. 

Imagine having to carry heaps of sweets and perform chores here to there, yet swagging it with wearing some of the best attires widely accepted and adored?

Outfit Story #2

For someone that is newly-wed or celebrating their first festival at a different household and would love to flaunt it with a simple, and breathable outfit then a saree must be your go. Certain households prefer sarees on any occasion given. These sarees are affordable, elegant, and, most importantly, easy to carry. Furthermore, we think the ideal choice of saree could be a silk-saree from Maharani, which curtails some of the best trendy collections.

If you’re running late for an event during the festivity and don’t know how to style it, we suggest you wear handcrafted juttis as footwear and drops as your choice for earrings. 

Trending Info. Bytes

From a wider perspective, it has come to Maharani’s notice that Gen Z is inclining more towards funky jewelry that any college-going student would love to show off. Moreover, check out our jewelry corner, where earrings are on huge sale. They are below 600/-, quite affordable, and are a part of the limited college edition.

Quick Tip from Maharani

Keep it simple yet modest while flaunting your attire for the festive season or any occasion for that matter. You define style and beauty, not the other way around. That’s all about the online fashion blog. Kill it, queens! 

Throwback to Maharani x CulAh

Throwback to Maharani x Cul-Ah Memories

An unlimited amount of fun, joy, team spirit, and coordination can only be witnessed when the greatest of all events occur during a student’s prime years of college. One such event is the Annual fest of the College. Here we are, back with another blog, but this time, it’s about a fest we co-sponsored for, one of Bangalore’s finest colleges for Arts, Commerce, and more – Mount Carmel College, Autonomous, Bangalore. Their fest, known as “Queen of All Fests” truly speaks for itself. Cul-Ah. The memories we ponder upon are “Maharani x Cul-Ah”. 

The Annual Fest was for 2 days. April 20 and 21. We divide them into Day 1 and Day 2. And Pre-Cul Ah , April 18 where we carried out our most vivid campaign. Keep scrolling to read more.

A Self Strengthening Campaign called “You’re a Maharani because..”

We did this campaign as a fun and informative approach towards understanding how an all girls college reacts to this particular question thrown at them. It was done on April 18 as a Pre Cul-Ah project via Maharani. Students from all over the campus hurriedly wrote their answers, some of which we loved, and never thought could be an answer. It had a solid goal to let introverts, LGBTQ+ supporting women, and think tanks come forward to give their valuable answers. We also had a small team on these both days that worked tirelessly to ensure smooth functioning of the programme. Totally, everyone fell for it!

Our best picks are:
“I am a Maharani because I thrive through patriarchy at each sphere of the society and trying to make my way through hurdles. I believe in making and finding joy. Each one of us is a Maharani simply because we exist!” – Aaheli

I am a Maharani because I am strong, confident, beautiful, and courageous. I don’t need anyone’s opinions, nor do I wonder about them. – Anonymous

The Photo Booth Experience

On the main days of the fest, we put up a photo op, popularly called a photo booth with orange and pink as our go-to colors. It was a super fun contest open for all participants. And students across the country that have arrived on the fest days. We have also put up prizes and more for the contest winners. And finally, out of more than 200+ participants in the contest, we had 3 top winners. Followed by 7 more that received some exciting gift hampers from Maharani. 

From professors to tiny tots, to Maharani herself, the fashion team, and dance teams, and many more loved the photo booth and clicked pictures on it. Most of them were in awe of the booth and said some of them said they wanted to participate on both days as well! It adored us how they all came forward to contest in the competition and stand out in their unique styles. One breathtaking activity we did was this!

Cul Ah 2022 Enthralling Memories

Our main motto for this annual fest was to let a woman know her true potential by volunteering, participating, winning, and slamming it all in one go. Sometimes, experiences like these build up your leadership qualities, along with team-building, active participation, and quick reflex when you face a problem or a mishap. With an overall joy score of 100/100, we loved sponsoring the fest at MCC, for their Cul-Ah 2022, and trust us, it was one hell of a ride! 

What Do Dreams Mean? Challenges of Entrepreneurs and How They Overcome Them?

Dreams are everlasting, catchy, often called “too ambitious,” or simply could remain as dreams. In this current era, where entrepreneurship and financial freedom go hand in hand, dreams convey a definitive approach to life’s nuances. This blog is about challenges, fears, and conditions entrepreneurs face and have or must oblige while carrying out successful businesses. 

According to research, crucial challenge entrepreneurs face is time. As Benjamin Franklin says in his book, “Time is Money,” entrepreneurs understand its value, and they enhance with it or fall prey to its versatility. Funny how dreams, with goals and ambitions, let none sleep at times and still are called “dreams.”  What are Maharani’s challenges faced as an entrepreneur?

24×7 Brainstorming about how to keep the business running?

Most business people that run their shops have only eCommerce platform visibility or both. Those who execute their business all day face a serious issue of how to keep the cash flowing – also called “Cash Flow management.” 

For this, our Maharani has some quick solutions like planning your day one day ahead and maintaining at least 2 – 3 long- and short-term to-do lists. Her golden rule is – if it can be done under 10 minutes, do it now. Though the obstacles occur daily, this helps ease some worries off your chest. 

Lack of belief from family and society

This is a constant battle that most entrepreneurs face. A “what if?” moment they have. It usually comes with less belief, or negligible support from the people close to you, because, at times, society influences them too much that they think they should put that pressure on you. 

This is a personal struggle. How to overcome it? Our Maharani’s hack? IGNORE. You’re your support system and biggest cheerleader. Ultimately, what you do, and how you’ve become is always on YOU. Not them. Forget not that you must believe in yourself. Dedicate at least 15 minutes of your day to yoga or meditation. Works wonders. 

“What If?” surpasses to “Giving Up” – Never ever.

When you pursue a specific dream, centered on your imagination, catered to how you need it, and work a little downward, you might have an intention of giving up. Just because there were no sales for 5 business days straight, no consumer engagement for 1 week towards your brand or company, or even worse, you have hit an all-time low-income rate, DOES NOT mean you give up. Maharani’s suggestions – Always go back to pondering why you’ve started all this? If not you, then who will take care of your baby? The marvelous company/brand/business that you’ve built and worked tooth and nail on. 

Dreams might be monotonous, simple, or complex. But the process or the journey you embark on is where it makes all the difference. The thought of having at least 3 to 4 passive incomes streaming down on your banks, being financially capable and self-independent takes a lot. How about the idea of giving to your parents without having a second thought? Chills down the spine, isn’t it? Chase your dreams, even though they won’t let you sleep, yet do it right, and do it now. Now is an excellent time, hun! 

The Tanishka Kapoor’s Guide to Creating Your Own Signature Style

Tanishka Kapoor is the founder and owner of Maharani Women – A Promising E-Commerce Platform for Clothing, Accessories, and the like. She’s been engaging with her customers, friends, and family and has been in the spotlight for many events. This is her best style guide to carrying oneself with grace. 

Always begin your week with formals. Formals scream confidence and positive vibes and make you stand out from the crowd. Who knows? You could conquer it all, and if your week’s start goes bad, formal wear might only cheer you up?

Always hook on to casual yet sleek or modern wear for mid-week wear. A pair of good trousers with a formal shirt, or office wear pants with a semi-casual top would always come to your rescue. Wear a pair of heavy earrings, or just a necklace, with sneakers as your go-to for footwear, since we are talking trousers. 

For mid-week wear, you could also wear Indian Clothing. A loose kurta with ankle-length pants would help you a great deal. To look charismatic in them, pair the look up with a pair of jhumkas. For footwear during an Indian aura mid-week haul, go for pair of juttis, or sliders. If you think both of them do not set the vibe, launch a voguish attire yourself with a pair of Kolhapuri slippers! And, voila, you’re all set. 

Did you know that good clothing sense would work wonders in front of your colleagues? You could become their inspiration as well!

For work wear on weekends, you could be that social butterfly wearing a skirt along with pretty heels that boost your confidence levels to the max. 

Remember not to wear anything bright but be subtle in your attire. Do not go for yellow, pink, or red colors that are way too vibrant. One pro tip our Maharani claims is worth it is that you could be loud wearing a good pair of footwear like juttis, sneakers, shoes, and earrings that are office style, suitable for work wear, etc. Furthermore, they make you look attractive and elegant and might give you a reason to smile. 

For more accessories, only if your Clothing is simple or you think it is way too ringarde, wear a bracelet along with a watch. But hey! Watch out if you sit at an office to smash on a keyboard from 9 to 5. 

Here are TDK’s best style tips for work!

  • Are you going for Indian wear that day? Tie your hair up. It makes you look clean or wear a high ponytail if you’re going for a western attire that day. Also, tying your hair up will always make you look sleek yet approachable at work. Pro-tip, you can focus better at work.
  • Always carry essentials like lip balm, nude lipstick, and mascara for skin tips. Of course, your SPF is a non-negotiable necessity. 
  • If you have a festive day at the office, an ethnic day, or any good days coming in, prefer Indian over anything!

Our Maharani’s style guide is a one-stop must-read. Check out her collections on Maharani Women, which she curated and picked herself under the categories of kurtas, footwear for juttis, clutches for work parties, and earrings section for some elegant work wear. Yes, her love for Indian wear made her start and run this online clothing store after all. Moreover, one thing to keep an eye on, whatever you wear, feel confident, wear a beaming smile that could make someone’s day better, and be that force that is unstoppable. In addition, good clothing attire will only make you stand out and earn brownie points and nothing less. 

weekend getaway

What to Pack for A Weekend Getaway?

Hold on if you’re wondering what to pack for a weekend getaway with your other social butterflies. Maharani Women is here with another blog on exactly letting the cats out of the bag by telling you all wanted products/items to carry on a weekend getaway! These listed products scream vintage and possess happy vibes. Let’s gain momentum. Shall we?

When you’ve packed all the bread and jam along with homemade sandwiches, smoothies, UNO cards, and not to forget the sunscreen to protect yourself from the scorching heat, maybe, you’d need a fantastic outfit to match on. Furthermore, to pair with them, you need a perfect set of accessories. Perhaps, this might be your ultimate weekend getaway ever! Here’re a few essentials you must carry. 

A gorgeous pair of funky earrings:

We have heard you. Yes, you wore that beautiful straight dress with a boat neckline, but now you think which jewelry would compliment you and the dress? Earrings hun! Huge earrings that look charming, pretty, and vibe worthy. Earrings always laud your style and let you flaunt right through the getaway. Let’s cut to the chase, these pair of earrings might also allow you to show off the dress, and maybe you get a good amount of pictures as well? Perhaps, earrings should be your only go-to! Moving on. 

Casual sling bags:

Do you know what excites an occasion? Have a container or a purse that could carry all your essentials in one go. A sling bag is what we propose. Simple, fun, and casual to carry by. You can put in the most indispensable lip balm, a sanitizer, tissues, a phone, and maybe an extra pair of napkins too! Sling bags look incredibly needy, and yes, they are indeed. In addition, they add color to your dress and make you look like the prettiest butterfly in the room. Why not you try them? Trust us, and they are worth it! 

Sliders (footwear) – Flat sandals or sliders, as the gen z calls it, mark your territory for the getaway. They are light, come in all sizes and colors, and maybe match your outfit! If you’re pondering where to buy sliders that fit perfectly, Maharani Women is your go-to! Moreover, it should be. Maharani avails the best sliders that look cute, handcrafted, and scream beauty formidably. They also look chic and trendy in nature that exactly complement your dress. What else are you waiting for?

With this, Maharani sits in the corner, hoping you have decided on which tip to value and make an investment on. If not, all three! These should be your best picks on what to pack for a weekend getaway! Rock that weekend getaway! Adios. 

shopping spree

How to Not Make Mistakes at A Shopping Spree? Top Tips for Getting the Best Deals!

Shopping sprees are irresistible, emotional, and time-consuming. But what makes them more fun apart from these? It’s having a checklist to tick off and a plan on hand. Don’t worry; Maharani Women is here with another blog about all possible mistakes you could make while on a shopping spree and save you right away. We know you’ve always wanted that bridal lehenga for your sibling’s wedding, and it is here soon! We know you’ve saved enough to get your hands on the latest ethnic collection at online stores but are waiting for one good call from who? God? Woman, stop. Please take a quick scan of your wardrobe and hang it in there with us. Help is here!

Plan with a Budget in Mind

You might want to spend more on essentials first and other less necessary ones later. Right. For this, you need to plan your budget accordingly. If you have a 10x amount, then make sure half(x), i.e., 5x amount is only for prerequisites. 2 to 3x can be spent on your favorite collection and 1 – 2x on less necessary yet ideal products. See? Simple!

Discounts and Sales

While online shopping, it is crucial that you keep an eye out for sales and discount seasons. Based on a particular occasion, various online stores hold incredible offers that might give butterflies in your heart. With this comes affordability and quality. Maharani Women is known for its apt collection of royal women’s wear in India. You might want to check our collection online and compare prices affirmatively. Once done, decide on which ones you want to buy first and then buy at least one piece that makes your heart go ratatatata. We know sales are crazy and always trending. You might need those pieces later as well. Better buy when a sale is going on. Saves two things: time and money. 

Other Goodies to Note

Assure yourself that you’re not going to overspend but smart spend. When you shop online, check the coupons, codes, sales, discounts, delivery time, and most importantly, payment modes. Almost all stores accept all methods of payment except for some. So, keep an eye out for them. Buy a lot of exclusive wear. Yes, you can buy regulars anytime, but exclusives are once in a blue moon. Buy something different that suits you and screams you! So, when you’re on a shopping spree, don’t commit mistakes but all essentials and casuals are rather for regular purchases. 

Maharani Women has an exquisite and essential collection of embroidered and handcrafted juttis. You might want them for a wedding season or festivals. We also hold ground for beautiful bridal lehengas and sarees. Not only those but also jewelry sets that scream stunning. Our accessories collections are huge and affordable. All of them were handpicked by the founder herself along with a team of fashion experts. Check those out. Will you?

With this, we come to an end. Make sure to keep regular tabs on when sales and discounts show up on Maharani Women and other online stores. Glance at your wardrobe and put in your best efforts. And do not buy anything you think doesn’t suit you or fit you. We don’t want regrets. Do we? Alright, hun. You’re all set! Now, kill that shopping spree of yours.

Maharani Women

How to Dress Up for a Big Event?

Two occasions exist in our lives that play a significant role where we actually wanna play dress up. Your wedding, of course, who are we kidding? And your best friend’s cocktail party! Now, the question of the hour is how well can you dress up or what makes you beautiful and elegant? Maharani Women comes with another blog that could help you pick the best outfits and make the most of them.

When it comes to dressing up for your wedding, you always look out for finances, try to cut as much as possible so that you can invest a little more in something else. Right? Yes, we have got you. We suggest you always switch between bridal lehengas and jewelry. If the lehenga/saree costs you much higher, then cut down the cost for jewelry and vice versa. You can also pair your bridal outfit with juttis – an exclusive collection of footwear at Maharani Women. The point is, your most precious day requires a notional balance. A balance between outfits, accessories, make-up and so on. To make the most of it, always ensure that you drag affordability and quality into the picture – both offered at Maharani Women. 

Have you ever tried mix and match? Between IndoWestern and Indian Traditional? Now, let’s head over to your best friend’s cocktail party. But before we go, how do you dress up? Would you like to wear a whole set Anarkali with a piece of simple jewelry such as a bracelet, and a choker? Or would you like to pair it up with a straight-cut silk salwar suit?  But this outfit would require more accessories. Of course, this is how you pair to dress up for a big event Huge earrings and of course a lovely clutch! Where else would your best friend find a place to keep her phone and essentials like sanitizer? Yes, we know she trusts you and all, but do you trust yourself with her phone? What if you misplace it? Head over to Maharani Women to shop the exclusives set of clutches today. 

We know your special days are worth once a lifetime. In this era of remote work controls, it’s time you shifted towards online clothing stores that sell designer and bridal style attires destined for your big day. An online platform saves time a great deal and you can focus on other works very well too. Keep that music playing and shop at your favorite stores online at affordable prices. We hope we helped you with how to dress up for a big event.

How to Select The Best Exclusive Accessories for Any Outfit

In the constant churn of fashion with exclusive accessories today, one thing that unites us is the race of presentation. Whether it’s the way we project intelligence in a spectrum or how our physique wrestles the daily crowd, the folk winning is the one who stands out of the regular, optically.

How can we do that? Sure, the funk in your wardrobe is away, but is that all it is? We all have heard about the commonly used phrase “It’s not what you do, it’s the way you do it,” and boom! You’ve already cracked the treasure!

Accessorizing, to master, conquer any outfit for the best. It’s not mainly a cakewalk but certainly, not impossible. Once you’ve experienced being a pro in this field, you’ll notice how nothing is how you looked at it before, how it’s supremely enticing and eye-catching. Allow me to exaggerate, but accessorizing is an art of changing what’s already there. Your choices will forecast either for the best or the worst.

Below are some highlights to help you transform the most basic dress (which you regret buying) to the next met gala look with the aid of some exclusive accessories.

1. Step out of The Ordinary.

For starters, you do not want to look like the average and don’t want to twin with the girl from your class. You do not want to think about matching accessories. Trust me, a golden shine on your ear goes perfectly well with the silver-laced diamonds sitting gorgeous around your wrist. Or your orange block heels suit your green purse with ultimate galore.

One from here, one from there is the way to go!

2. Miss and Match?

After you’ve put your dress on, don’t think much and pull out all accessories matching the color of your dress. After you’ve bodied yourself a black cocktail dress, you may want to pair it with any color-friendly earrings with a fabulous necklace or those beautiful stilettos resting nest on your shoe rack.

3. Set your Priorities for Availing Best Exclusive Accessories

I may not know all but one thing’s for sure, accessories or dress, only one needs to win for you to be the star. If your dress is as heavy, funky, and eye-catching as it already is, you should pay less attention to exclusive accessories. Trust me, and if you wear a leopard print cut-out ball gown, you don’t want to stress the weight around your neck.

Once you wear a delicate plain shade, you must be careful with your decor choice. When you have that low satin cut on, you can walk straight out with a pair of satin gloves of the same color and the pendant that makes you float cloud nine. And, of course, vice versa.

4. Listen Up, Patterns.

The first look is all it takes and all it is, is the print of your dress. Are you ready to head out of your door with striped print pants and a polka dot shirt? Not on my watch. Patterns are what make a fabric out of stock. You may have hundreds in your closet alone, but pairing them sounds like an obstacle.

You need to know that you don’t want to include more than a single pattern or more than one pattern material in your daily outfit. For example, if you own that beach dress with polka dots, you do not want a scarf with polka dots no matter how badly you think it’ll suit it. Check out some printed Casual Kurtas by Maharani Women which might interest you.

5. Hello Colors.

The colors of your fits and exclusive accessories are the main. They embroider the sole of what you want to project yourself as. Personally, nude colors are the way to go for me, but many people prefer loud, and it’s just as fascinating. But we’re here to correct for the best, aren’t we? So for the base, with delicate shades come dainty accessories. A pastel outfit does not require even a pinch of the tempting grunge you want to sprinkle. And it goes the other way as well. If you’ve gathered all your boldness in an outfit, I’d advise accessorizing it with colors just as bold as your dress.

6. Earring or Necklace?

Imagine yourself planning exclusive accessories before when you’re supposed to. When you’ve already decided on a glam earring, you find yourself in a conflict with what kind of necklace you’ll wear. Well, you don’t need to. It is to gather focus on one accessory and not to make it look like a jungle gym.


If you have a low neck dress on and have paired it with a hanging earpiece, you need not worry further about whether your neck will look bare or plain because it won’t. Your earring has it covered.

And same for when you’ve got a classic choker adorning your neck, you would want to top it with tops!

7. Diamonds are one’s Best Friend but so are Pearls.

Both sound eminently gracious by their name, but one should pay attention to when to wear what. Diamonds go best with materials like silk, satin, and velvet. At the same time, pearls go best with cotton, wool, or even linen. With deep primary shades, diamonds shine the brightest, and with pastels, you can have your way with pearls.

8. Got your Hands Covered.

Bracelets could be both funky and classy. Mismatching several bracelets can give you a playfully happy look and is best for picnic dates in a garden with your elementary friends!

Whereas simple streak gold/silver line bracelets can steal hearts with that knee-length body on a perfect date. You can carry the perfect clutches along with these as well!

9. What’s on Your Feet?

I don’t think I need to clarify much here. The only thing you want to recall is to avoid wearing one plain platform under dresses and skirts and inches under ankle trousers.


What’s covering your feet is the base of it all. I would also like you to know about an Online Store called Maharani Women – that sells the most beautiful yet elegant shoes called juttis – handcrafted. You might want to check them out!

10. The Key to it All.

Last but not least, it’s all about how you pull it off. It’s about how you carry yourself. Your posture, your etiquette, it’s the backbone of all the points listed above. So make sure that whatever you wear with whatever exclusive accessories you suit best, you walk and talk in a way you express yourself the best.

increase productivity

How to Get More Work Done – Your Top 5 Productivity Tips

It can be discouraging when you have a lot of work to do but are running out of time. What if it doesn’t increase productivity of your day? It’s possible that you’ve done your best but haven’t been rapid enough to finish each task on time, and now each one is piling up in front of you. You might even get to the point where you don’t know where to begin because of your anxiety. There’s no need to be alarmed anymore. With our help, you can get more done in a shorter amount of time.

When you leave work, do you hear yourself whistling? It’s a beautiful feeling to end each day at work by crossing something off your to-do list because you were so productive. Your accomplishments, as well as your ability to complete them efficiently and effectively, were reassuring.

Instead of ending the day exhausted and hunched over a pile of unfinished work, you can be the star of this movie about productivity. If you don’t like it, there is a way to alter your typical workday. Maharani Women – a pioneer in selling fast-moving products that are mostly ethnic, elegant, and exquisite, has come up with the top 5 tips that could ease your work stress and increase productivity!

Early to bed, early to rise:

We all notice that lack of sleep hurts our ability to complete tasks. Concentration, working memory, numerical reasoning, and logical reasoning all suffer when we don’t get enough shut-eye. Tasks requiring logical reasoning or complex thought are particularly vulnerable to the effects of sleep deprivation on the pre-frontal cortex. It’s surprising how much of a difference a single night of sleep deprivation can make in our performance.

By waking up early in the morning, you’ll be able to get more done in less time. You will have less work to do later if you start your day with some tasks. Set your alarm for a very early wake-up time each day. You’ll have more time to accomplish your goals because your mind and body will be well-rested, allowing you to perform at your peak.

Set tiny goals:

Seeing our long-term goals can be daunting at times. A few big projects on our to-do list are enough to make us feel overwhelmed. However, if you break it down into smaller tasks, you’ll feel more confident and be far more productive. Instead of writing “finish project,” break it down into the various steps required. The smaller tasks will help you stay on track, while the more prominent projects will seem less daunting. To-do lists are a crucial tool for boosting productivity.

They allow you to stay focused, organized, and motivated by rewarding you with a sense of accomplishment each time you cross something off your list. Making (or updating) a to-do list before you go to bed each night saves you time in the morning. It’s also possible to go over your list with a friend or family member. This might be your go-to to increase productivity.

Delegate your plans:

For productivity, delegation is like a nail gun. This might amaze you at how much-increased speed and relatively easy your job becomes once you start using it. That is if you do it correctly. Why? Managers and leaders frequently complain about the additional workload they face when they delegate work; they now have to supervise someone else’s work in addition to their own.

Delegation doesn’t work in the same way if you assign someone a task and then closely monitor their progress while they complete it. You’ll have more time for your work if you know how to delegate effectively. Once you do this, you’ll be able to trust the task to someone you know is capable of doing it and who you can rely on to complete it. You’ll be surprised at how much more fruitful you can be when you truly let go, but it takes some can get used to.

Eliminate Distractions:

We’ve already discussed the importance of focusing your attention. On the other hand, you have to identify and dismiss the turkeys. For most of us, social networking sites and email are the turkeys demanding our attention. You can’t work efficiently if people interrupt your work and mess up your mind Disable email and phone alerts if you need to concentrate fully. Are you addicted to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Carrot your audience with social media.

After completing a significant task, set aside a specific time to access the web. Then turn it off and go back to your work. You can’t expect to work quickly if you’re constantly distracted by things that aren’t directly related to the task at hand. This indicates that you can increase productivity quickly too. Having your phone nearby while you’re working can make you want to check your email, scroll through social media, or respond to a friend’s message. All of them slow you down.

Optimism Reigns:

Keep your focus on one thing at a time. Only when you stop and think about how it affects your performance do you realize how much of a drag it is. When you return to your prior work after a break from multitasking and your brain toggles to a new project, you must trace back some steps. If you lose your bearings, you may have to begin the task from scratch. Why not spend all of your time on a single project and finish it to the best of your ability? The good news is that if you’re not naturally optimistic, this is the attitude you want to cultivate. Experimenters are assigned to engage positively with their support network had the highest life satisfaction and optimism levels immediately following the experiment and four months later.

You don’t have to work all of the 24 hours in a day things done faster. We’re all pressed for time and have a long list of things to do. To handle stress effectively is to focus on maximizing your time rather than reducing your workload. To get more done in less time, follow these suggestions. These are our best picks to increase productivity in your day-to-day lives.