Online Marketplace For Women: What No One Is Talking About?

In this, we will talk about how women have contributed to the online marketplace and what no one talks about. We also travel with various success stories that emerge worldwide and how women entrepreneurs are changing today’s marketplace, adding more value and fame to it.  

Online marketplace for women

Online Marketplace for Women

E-commerce platforms have turned into a HubSpot for young entrepreneurs and commoners to find employment opportunities and many more. Any site that deals with technology or offers multi-purpose services has a similar or female-dominated domain to earn income. We have seen at least one woman in our community create or stitch the cutest of things and win some bread for their family. 

products online

Now, we acknowledge more women doing the same, not physically but shifting that base to e-commerce platforms and selling their products over there. There are a lot of inspiring women who have been either abused or locked access by their partners that have fought hard and come out. Some stories even include them earning six figures right now. They had in common to try their ideas on the internet. 

Maharani Women’s Plot

An idea driven by a local woman’s mind to start an eCommerce website with her exquisite fashion site that renders clothing and jewelry to commoners at affordable prices and a fantastic range to pick from is what made Maharani Women every woman’s go-to for any wear. Be it casual, party, or bridal. “Women want an enthralling experience for their weddings, in royal style. We at Maharani Women make sure their ends are met, keeping up with Gen-Z’s expectations as well. It’s tough but possible,” says Tanishka Kapoor, Founder at Maharani Women.

online shopping
handcrafted and funky

When young girls and college-going students couldn’t find their wedding attire appealing and international, Ms. Kapoor decided to set up the online store. Queens all over India that had an enticing fashion sense is her look uptill. Her success story is ever known in Bengaluru, India’s start-up city. Not only rendering excellent services right from providing a seamless user interface on their e-commerce platform, but Maharani Women also thrives at safely delivering packages to your doorstep. They provide fantastic employment opportunities for women, empowering and adhering to sisterhood. They also owe to furnishing an online marketplace for women. 

Covid Nuance

This current Covid Era, which struck us almost two years ago, has let women quickly delve into the entrepreneurial world. With everyone at home, it has made their lives easy, and some of them were lucky to find their passion, such as creating cute bookmarks, crafty materials, or handmade jewelry, and decided to start a small business. Every day, we come across one cute online store on Instagram that sells glass phone cases. Or valet cards or designs supernova-like Canva templates. 

women entrepreneurs

In this era, if a woman wishes to grow her business geographically, she must set her store and services online as well not only to attract the eye but also increase her credit score among her site visitors. The online marketplace for women is blooming with everlasting high-end technology for UI and UX, and women of all, trying out their stores online. That’s amazing. On the bright side, it improves the country’s efficiency as well. 

What a Young Woman can Look for?

The sites later offer internships to other women who wish to try out their skills with tech. Thus, interns get to learn along with hands-on experience. The platforms also avail freelance services from young minds that wish to expand their horizons, enhancing the employment opportunities aftermath. If women getting their hands-on IT and tech was, on the one hand, looking at them elevate this to another level by applying their simple theories is called awesomeness. If you’re looking to support this small business and women altogether, you might want to read a few of these points.

online marketplace for women
local brands and customized products

Start with searching for women-founded local brands and try funding them (if you’re rich) or market them on your social profiles. Make noise for their products after the specific quality check. These women, too, were once like you, sitting idly at home and had their brains working to their maximum. Why not ponder their work while you shop like a Rani and feel like a Maharani ?  You can give them shoutouts, introduce their brand to your friends, and whatnot. Or a simple review of yours on their website can make their day better as well. 

Conclusion – Online Marketplace for Women

Women have come this far, bridging the gender gap, age gap, societal expectations issues, and like. They have dragged the entire clan with them and made their locals real proud. It’s time we, too, consider looking for local women that start their business and help them with what we can. It feels so fantastic watching them grow and adding value to online marketplace for women tag. Women empowering women. How lovely!

online marketplace for women

What’s Brewing at Maharani for the Vacation Season?

One thing we are remarkably proud of and are excited about is that our Maharani turns 4! Yes, with you on board, we will complete 4 years of Maharani Women on December 1st, as a company, as a family, and as online retail stores that have forever meticulously worked on making royalty and affordability meet under the same roof! With that news said, let’s move ahead to what’s new and trending on Maharani Women curated for your vacation trip and wedding parties. This time, we talk outfits, but only accessories 🙂

The Most Awaited Hard Box Acrylic Designed Embroidered Clutch

Steal the spotlight at the vacation brunch date with your partner or family or a wedding by wearing our White Acrylic Designer Embroidered Clutch, which also has pretty colors available. Please scroll down to see how well you can flaunt our clutch on your outfit. 

Also, drumroll alert, we are availing a flat 50% discount until December 5th on all products at Maharani Women with a minimum cart value of 2500/- and above. Here’s a peek at our Black Acrylic rectangular Designer Clutch as well! What are you waiting for? Shop at our online retail store today! 

Covers that Last for your Sunglasses? We’ve got you covered. 

With fun road trips and long car drives comes the essential Rich Abstract Square Pattern Hard Cover For Sunglasses must check out. 

Easy, quick to work with, and portable device ranked 1 for best essential searches worldwide is a hardcover for sunglasses. Portrayed and designed with prints that scream Indian heritage, this should be on your must-buy wishlist! One full detail about this product is it protects the frames, and we avail it for a reasonable price

Have You Decided on Footwear Yet? 

Must you check out our sliders which are a real deal for the vacation season? Multicolored Embroidered Open Toe Sliders are one of a kind. 

A fast-moving category on Maharani, and guess what? We have sold at least 7 – 8 different countries apart from India to everyone with immense love for exquisite and traditional footwear. These sliders come in multicolor, embroidery, or simple prints as well. Grab your first fashion footwear from online retail stores at affordable prices! 

Vacation season outfits are a steal. They come once a year, and boy, you must have intriguing and jaw-dropping special pieces to show off and make the most of it!

Use coupon code MAHARANITURNS4 at check out to avail the flat offer deal we’ve told you about. No to sugarcoating, but your presence in our family has made us stronger and better and given us ultimate motivation to work wonders. Thank you, team, and thank you, family. With this on par, let’s shop royalty where it meets affordability. 

mental health

How has Mental Health Awareness been Impacted After Covid19?

With an alarmingly increase in mental health issues and self-destruction attempts made by humans of all races during Covid19, the torchlight from stress on physical health has gradually shifted to mental health. This blog attempts to hear voices that have either been shut down, need a hand, or simply need someone to talk to. 

For the first time, Maharani Women is extending an arm to spread awareness about mental health, how to be healthy, train your mind to be your best friend, and above all, believe in yourself. 

Mind Power | Is it a Weapon? 

Your brain is your truest form of energy, weapon, and a Dreambox. What is a Dreambox? A part of your brain that can imagine, nurture and get things done.  The mind can imagine and wander dangerous as well as incredible things. It is the most powerful source of motivation and can depict your mood, change, trick, or even challenge you. 

During Covid19, not only have we lost at least one of those we’re closely acquainted with, but we have also seen a rapid rise in mental health cases among men. Certain reports of mental abuse have also been caused to women working in their households. Children, too, were not immune to this. Wondering how to work on this?  Above is a mindmap for those who wish to progress, especially in their mental health. Download it right away, and start working! Good luck. 

How did we Evolve Since Then?

If mental health were a topic on stage about 5 years ago, no one would have paid attention to it. But if it’s a topic right now, fellow friends would be interested in lending an amount of courage, motivation, and kudos showered. In recent light, there have been campaigns to break the stigma; during May, many notable organizations have talked about the awareness, offered free counseling sessions, and more. The number seems to be increasing at a good rate; however, what if you’re unable to find a way out or don’t know if you have an issue? 

Whom to Approach or Contact for Mental Health Addresses?

Have you heard of mental health advocates? Yes, let’s talk about them. To promote cumulative and proper care for mental strength and related, any person that works toward the human rights protection of the diagnosed knows how to take care of, understands situations, and can give a hand to raise awareness about the same as a mental health advocate. 

This comes under statutory advocacy. In fact, our Maharani is an exceptional mental health advocate who has always considered being mentally strong as the key rule for any movement. A mentally sound mind can work wonders and help a long way. You can always consult 

  • Mental Health Advocates
  • A trained therapist
  • A psychologist/psychiatrist (or)
  • A friend/family whom you can trust, and
  • College/ School counselors

What Covid19 has it taught us, and how to move forward?

Some experiences during covid19 are still taunting us in our dreams. Covid19 taught us to value life equally as you would consider a physical appearance should. It has allowed us to find new ways to reach out, build amazing platforms, learn new things, and above all, value people, value humanity. With that, the need and spread for mental well-being too have increased. In the new sphere of health awareness, mental health now weighs almost 50% or even better as we talk. Our next steps in ensuring safe and proper advocacy of mental health, which could be available for all, should be:

  • Connect, learn, link, and adapt. 
  • Pay more heed and care for the people around you. 
  • Talk to people; listen to them before giving advice. 
  • Eat good food and have a profound sleep. 

With that, we bid adieu to this blog. If you are facing any mental health issues or need someone to talk to, always start by researching who might be the best fit for you and how sensitive your problem is. According to that, move forward. Covid19 did surely teach humans the greatest lesson – strengthening response and staying united. Our best picks for possible approaches will always be mental health advocates! 

What’s Brewing at Maharani Women – November/December

It’s high time we let our top-rated secrets out. Did you know that Maharani Women has a separate section for the latest trending products ranked from 1 to 10 on our site? Yes, you must check that out. Well, for this month, the wedding season is soon approaching. It’s a time of the year when we led you out on some latest maharani collections at Maharani Women today. Scroll to know which products in what categories are trending, add them to your cart and check out right away! 

The Maroon That Makes The Difference! 

Queens love the color maroon. It’s vibrant, screams royalty, and gives your outfit some solid texture. Pair your attire with our Maharani Maroon with Gold Border Soft Silk Saree at this wedding or the evening gathering you’ve been meaning to attend. Look classy and elegant for that one occasion you’ve been yearning to attend by wearing a Maharani silk saree handpicked by the founder herself. 

What if we told you that you could mix and match with hard box clutches at Maharani? Or even better, a pair of handcrafted embroidered juttis? Decide Queen! Flaunt and shine in that gathering you’ve been yearning for. 

Mirrorwork Slays it All! 

We’ve all heard of clothing, ethnic wear, and more that come in wide sets of mirrorwork and Meenakari Work. They do look elegant and royal and avail you an intriguing look. But have you heard of mirrorwork handwork embroidered jutti? How about pairing it up with jewellery sets. Buy your first pair of royal wear in Jutti at Maharani Women today. We also avail mother of all deals! – A Combo offer of mirrorwork embroidered clutch and a pair of jutti! Check them out today and wear your best outfit for that wedding this year.

It’s a Royal Affair with Threadwork – Maharani Women

Your wedding is almost here. Or your sibling’s wedding is soon approaching. Are you looking for affordable lehengas that entail a great detail of threadwork embroidery and scream royalty as well as elegance in the room? You have reached the right destination. Purchase our latest Dark Grey Embroidered Lehenga, a goddess-like detailed work that offers incredible stitching and comfort capacity and is reasonably priced just for you! 

A dream wedding with your best friend- a person you can claim as your partner, needs to be special. Choose to buy from Maharani Women to avail yourself of the best discounts and offers. Make it a royal affair! Looking at what to pair this up with? Discover our widest range of beautiful, everlasting, and precious Dark Green Kundan Heavy Floral Jewellery sets. Scream royalty with your attire for your destination wedding! Also, Queen, congratulations! You made it! 

A Little Peach, with A Little Speech 🙂 

Any occasions where you’re the best man? Or the sibling that needs to deliver a toast? Or even better, need to look royal while giving out a speech? Make yourself a center of attraction by wearing our unique Peach Embroidered Jacket Salwar Suit. Buy impeccable and beautiful salwar suits from Maharani Women today. Look peachy, elegant, and classy, and win all hearts with our best piece trending to date. What else are you waiting for? Make it big; make it happen! 

We deliver the finest clothing, accessories, and jewellery sets to maharani Women. Dive in right away this wedding season, and make the most of your spending by investing in our quality products! Good day Queen! See you next Sunday! 

Not Your Regular Mishaps at Maharani Women!

Yes, you heard that right! All of us have had good days and bad days. No day goes by where everything is a cakewalk and trouble-free @maharaniwomen. You might’ve overshared during a conversation or had a gluten-free day gone shambles, aye aye, hear our short story of one single cute Wednesday of what we claim and cry our hearts out as “Mishaps at Maharani Women!”

No wonder it was a car crash.

Ahhh, our main Maharani kickstarted her day with 1 hour of good yoga and a scrumptious breakfast, and she was all set to step foot out on a Wednesday morning. Regular day, right? As she accelerated her way, on the right signal, in India’s most crowded cities, Bangalore and THUD, there goes an auto bumping straight into her car. Yes, she was fine. But how was her precious car? Shambles. Complete SHAMBLES. Soon did, Chandana get a call from her, “Hey, will hop in a lil late today, make sure all pending work gets done,” to which Chandana exclaimed, “What happened? Hope everything’s alright.., stuck in traffic?”, – Maharani, “even better, car crash.” What would be your usual reply? “How are you? How is the car?”. What was Chandana’s? “AGAIN?” Yes, probably the 2nd time in a row our TDK had her car crash. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! 

Moving on, now, things get even crazy at the Maharani Women. 

Remember when Chandana was told to ensure everything goes smoothly and falls in place @maharaniwomen? Well, it turned out Chandana’s normal Wednesday, when her classes usually begin at 10 AM, made a roller coaster move and began at 8 AM only, which she was unaware till then! On top of the cherry, she even had an unattended assignment of Economics, her nightmare subject, due at 3 PM. Chandana had 3 jobs that day, complete content at Maharani, update TDK, and begin her new research. Did she complete them? And btw, did TDK make it to the office that day? 

Stay tuned. Here comes your legit mishap. 

It was around 2:45 PM, and Chandana was almost done with half of her Econ assignment. No, she bunked college that day, and of course, yes, she didn’t even begin the research for her work. “Cling”, a message chimes in, read- TDK: “I am coming, all is good, hope our place is not crowded.” Chandana turned around, everything looked fine-ISH, and she ordered a green tea for TDK, and specifically said, no sugar. 3 PM, assignment submitted. Woohoo. Now, she began working focused on the research she was supposed to do. 4 PM, done and dusted. Sounds good? Yeah, NO. 

TDK finally arrived at the office, to her surprise, was greeted by a green tea, her favorite, apart from black tea. She sipped it, spit out everything, and looked furious. SUGAR! “Arghhhhhhh” – Chandana’s inner self screamed. At least the work got done. 

Chandana and TDK had the rest of the day going fine until…. 

Rain! It started pouring around 5 PM and rained cats and dogs till 7 PM. Of all days TDK had appointments, that day’s was important. The rain did them no good. Both got stuck, and adding on that, none of them was carrying a charger that day. 

The story ends here. 

Did their respective pending jobs and work get done? Yes, by hook or crook, they both got it done. They ended up playing 4 matches of UNO, where TDK had 3 straight wins. It’s alright, anyways Chandana was a child at that game. 

Present day- what did we learn?

Well, our fear for Wednesday hadn’t changed. But it taught us incredible lessons. Mishaps are bound to happen, no matter how assured or safe you are. Sometimes, things fall out of place, and when you try to stick it together, find some hope, and sustain a balance, well, you’ve found your inner peace. Being able to finish jobs with a do-or-die attitude doesn’t always work, yet it teaches you patience. Things are not in our hands, so as days go on, take it slow, and hold it together; not everyday will commence as you plan.

Maharani’s Personal Wishlist for This Season

Maharani Women is back with another blog, but this time, it’s about the personal wishlist Maharani’s has been eyeing for a long time. These outfits and accessories ideas of Maharani have been on the checklist to be launched, and now that they have, it’s that time of the year to invest a good amount into these. Affordable, trending, and giving you a royal and unique look to your wardrobe, here is a curated personal wishlist of Maharani for this season. 

The Royal Affair with Saree Collection

Maharani Women has been a pioneer in selling the most beautiful, reasonably priced sarees. So, what’s new? Cotton collection @maharaniwomen. Check out breathable, simple, and home sarees of cotton fabric at Maharani Women. One of our local weavers’ specials, these cotton sarees give an aesthetic and add a vintage effect to your outfit. 

Next up in our saree collection, on which Maharani’s eye is the new arrival of the Jacquard Work Banarasi Silk Saree. Originating from the land of traditional sarees of rich heritage and culture, this new collection at Maharani Women has had everyone’s jaw dropped. 

Maharani’s Neverending Love for Party Wear Lehengas!

Lehengas have always been our Queen’s favorite. So, what was the reason that our Maharani’s again eyeing the lehenga collection from the party wear category this time? Of course, the wedding season is soon approaching! December and January are worth looking forward to. 

Check out our collection of Multi Embroidered Lehengas, along with Jharkhand with Sisha Work Velvet Lehengas on the site! Buy your favorite lehenga today. Check your inbox for any new notifications and messages from Maharani Women for available discounts.  

Why not an Anarkali for a special occasion? 

For special occasions like housewarming, a friend’s bachelor party, or a family gathering, Anarkalis have always been our Maharani’s go-to. They are comfortable, attractive, and look elegant. 

Maharani Women has recently launched some intriguing and lovable every day but for-occasion anarkalis on the website. These are one of the tops on the personal wishlist of Maharani. So why not check out those? 

Oxidised Jewellery – A College Aesthetic Essential

Relive your Indian heritage and own the most unique jewelry of all times today @maharaniwomen, Oxidised Jewellery. Most college students prefer a set of jewelry that outcasts an ethnic vibe and one perfect piece that goes with any outfit. Antique and plated with black patina, experience a rendezvous of the much-adored tarnishing effect of the Oxidised jewelry. 

Note: This product is recently launched on our site. So, keep following our brewed content for more updates. Happy Shopping! 

Maharani’s Personal Favorite on the Wishlist – Open Toe Sliders!

If students or anyone inclined to the fashion industry were asked which footwear is their favorite? They’d scream Sliders! Sliders are a trending piece of footwear collection that you must add to your wardrobe.

This festive season, or to that one important office meeting, kill it by wearing Maharani’s Open Toe Sliders! One of a kind that you must treasure. 

Treasure Hunt Alert – Behold The Square Clutch

Clutches are indefinite, fashionable, and trendy and are a treasure hunt best found at Maharani Women. Best suitable for party wear, where you can dump all your belongings and not worry about holding them throughout the event, and also at cafe meet-ups, of course, to flaunt your collection of best bags (in accessories) in front of your friends. These square clutches have been on Maharani’s personal wishlist for a long time now. Better she buys it by this month’s end. Priced reasonably, these clutches are a good find! 

5 Passive Income Ideas To Help You Earn Money In 2022

In this current era, where adults face a life threat to job security and opportunity, passive income has become one absolute lifesaver. How to maintain a job from 9-5 and earn some extra through hustle is what every young employee, entrepreneur, or any occupation-regarded person is thinking right now. Passive income ideas? 

Maharani Women‘s got you covered. Earning passively has come a long way. From renting out properties and investing as a shareholder at a company online to hustling for side gigs and venturing out new deals with a specific percentage of your shares, or even better, investing in a start-up, passive income ideas are your go-to. 

What could be your new passive income ideas to implement in 2022? (Student friendly as well)

Well, if you’re reading our blog, we’re 100% sure you’re an inspiring self-taught designer or a creative person with tons of flabbergasting ideas. Time to pen those thoughts and earn some good money, queens! 

Sell your creatives online – Yes, you heard it right. If you can design mind-blowing, pleasant, or enthralling designs, first term yourself as a graphic designer, and then start selling your designs online! 

Best sites/places to sell your designs – 

  • Canva
  • Creative Market
  • Society 6

Start online hustling by selling your designer clothes – We’ve all heard of aunties that are best friends of our mother’s cousin’s friend’s cousin’s mother, who sell clothes at their homes. But have you ever heard of online sites where you could partner with the site and sell your handcrafted, stitched, embroidered, or made clothes on theirs? 

Yes, on the road to empowering women and their skill upliftment, many online brands and companies have come to partner with us and let us showcase our talents in the public sphere. Best sites to sell clothes on- 

Sell photography online or render services for the same – Anyone that understands digital media can click photos with hidden meaning and owns an iPhone (brownie points) could sell their photography online! No, we’re not joking. 

A zillion sites online render your photos to others needing them for reasonable prices, and you could charge them accordingly. Well, it matters how good you’re at negotiating prices as well. Where can you sell your photography online? 

Flip your retail products – In this modern era, when you can buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price, a little extra cash means a profit; why wait? Furthermore, there would be a tremendous amount of products in the form of furniture, wooden anything, properties, garage stores, thrift stores, and so on, and you could experiment with these passive income ideas. Best sites or places to sell them?

  • Auction (your house)
  • Flipkart
  • Flea Markets

Author an eBook – Yes, unleash that crazy writer in you who could keep on venting all her problems and create goofy little stories around them, and primary of all, can stand on an exciting plot and storyline. eBooks have come a long way. 

This might also be one of your best passive income ideas so far. Best sites to write and publish on?

  • Wattpad
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Blurb

Note to Students – Academics always come first. Only then resort to passive income ideas. Though they might sound easy, they, too, include sincerity and original work. Never compromise with the products that you sell online. We don’t want to spend the rest of our 20s around courtrooms, or do we? 

Passive income is crucial for self-growth. It teaches you, inspires you, and inspires others around you. There are 3 ideas in this income. One is your active income, and the other is 2nd income from the rentals or stuff you won, and last comes the passive income, which is equally important to understand and resort to after a while. Good luck, queens! 

This Wedding Season, Spend Less on Decor and More on Outfits

That time of the year is around the corner. That right time your cousins are getting married, or you have to be a bridesmaid, or even better, you are the bride! Maharani Women is here with another blog telling you why it is essential to have an intimate wedding with the right attire and outfit rather than hinting at deep pockets for decor and the like.  

Why should you consider investing in bridal and wedding outfits? 

Bridal or Wedding attires avail suitable options where you could wear the same Lehengas – Maharani more than once, yet mix/match with other pieces and make it look effortless. 

It definitively saves money, you would spend less than half of how much you would spend it was on decor. Call it a day for your pictures to work wonders, any hill station or beach resort. 

Wear Bridal Lehengas – Maharani that looks elegant, marvels all your day at the wedding, and above all, brings out the live focus on just you!

What could you possibly invest at Maharani Women for a special wedding outfit? 

Our first pick is Bridal Lehengas – Maharani, wander through our handpicked products by the founder herself. These lehengas come in various fabrics. From silk to embroidered to velvet to foil work, Maharani Women avails multiple color options to choose from as well. Moreover, you can always have your DIY blouse for the Lehenga or mix and perfectly match it with your personal favorites at home. We have Mirror-work & Heavy Embroidered Silk Lehenga on our wishlist as our must-have for the wedding season outfit collection. 

Our next pick would be recommending some of our best Jewellery – Maharani. Furthermore, we suggest you check out our wide range of jewellery sets at Maharani Women. Our top and quick moving set for this season is Dark Green Kundan Heavy Floral Jewellery Set

We’ll let out a little secret. Perhaps you check out this mentioned product and related for the best attire possible. 

Adding further, for an immaculate footwear collection, why not check out our handcrafted juttis that are beautifully embroidered, contain mirror work, or look stunning in our one unique Off-white & Gold Handwork Jutti at Maharani Women? 

Also, look out for some printed juttis or sliders for other days during the season when you need to put in a lot of work and chores. 

ConclusionBeyond Decor, Exists an Extraordinary Attire!

Wedding bells demand a lot of money and time. It is not an easy job to pick the right attire for any occasion, let alone your wedding season. These current trends show a spike in spending for the coolest and trending wedding attires than paying your whole life savings on decor. However, investing in the right places is where you prove to be smart and thoughtful. Moreover, to have an intimate wedding wearing the best of all collections from Maharani Women.

Going Vocal for Local – Maharani Women

Which small shop owner doesn’t like a little boost to his confidence or creativity? The rampant selling of foreign goods in the home country has led to the degradation of SMEs and so on in India. And today, only a few tycoon stores rely on the total worldwide consumption for their goods. In this current and trending era where there’s much preference for imported goods rather than local markets, thus prevailing deprivation of GDP home country, it’s time we went vocal for local. The local markets need to flourish, small scale and young entrepreneurs need to step on, showcase their service/products, and then let the crowd decide what they want to buy. These include cheering and understanding the significance of:

  • Small Scale Business Owners
  • Online Retailers
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Craftsmen
  • Local Weavers
  • Juttis Craftsmen
  • Tribal Crafts/Art. 

The above listed are some of the few sections of society that Maharani Women truly supports and avails a platform to offer a living along with them. 

Why are Local Weavers Important?

First, let us discuss this with an example taken from the area called “Kanchipuram.” Also known as the “city of one thousand temples,” it is a historic town in southern India with a thriving past and illustrious culture. One of the city’s well-known traditional arts is the weaving of silk sarees. The towns, temples, and crafts that make up this cultural fabric all work together and depend on one another. Despite its historical significance, weaving is on the decline. Which was due to causes such as a lack of investment in infrastructure, the poor living conditions of weavers, low salaries, and the advent of power looms. There are presently only a handful of traditional weavers’ homes and weavers’ clusters left in Kanchipuram.

This is a hard-felt lesson on the Indian weaving communities that have depended on this section for a long time. With the rapid industrialization and shift in consumer preferences, it’s becoming challenging for local weavers to stick by and understand global markets. It is time we supported each other, which would increase our consumption of local goods and promote their growth. 

What can be done? 

  • Find Indian-owned online retail shops such as Maharani Women and help them sell their products. 
  • Promote their weaving business on local Instagram reels and shops, effectively increasing social media awareness. 
  • Address their challenges with taking help of already existing policies. 

Fine muslin, silk, denim, cotton, and hand-woven khadi fabrics are becoming increasingly available on the market. Many Indian labels provide ready-to-wear, and local tailors are skilled at making clothes that fit like a glove and may meet any need for formal or casual attire.

In India, where people have access to the finest of the international fashion season right at their fingertips through widespread web exposure, it is not difficult to promote bespoke apparel and collaborate with these local suppliers to produce your designs.

Get in touch with any special expertise and ability in the area, and they can help you design a wardrobe that works with the latest trends in fashion. Thus going vocal for local is one good move to master in!

How to Encourage Small Shop Owners?

The epidemic has taught us a lot about our consumption habits and prompted us to take a hard look at our basic needs. It’s no surprise that now is the time to align our buying habits to a more thoughtful approach in light of the global trend toward patronizing locally owned businesses. Instagram recently introduced a ‘Support Small Business’ badge in stories to accentuate the comeback of small-scale enterprises, and celebrities like Priyanka Chopra have used their profiles to bring attention to their favorite local brands. In the long run, it makes sense to adopt these habits as we (hopefully) move closer to the end of a prolonged stay-inside lifestyle brought on by the vaccine drive. Is there anything else you can do to help? Keep in mind these easy, no-cost measures to strengthen your resolve. 

What can be done? 

  • Give them a shoutout on your social media profile.
  • Engage with their products on an online base. 
  • If you ever purchased their products, write honest reviews.

Since the launch of campaigns like “Vocal for Local” and “Aatmanirbhar Bharat,” Indians have developed a greater pride in their country’s manufactured goods and technological advancements. The same quality one is looking for in high-powered imports may be within reach if one uses indigenous techniques and materials with the necessary expertise. Handcrafted products such as Juttis at Maharani Women are one such example where they are exceptionally made only in India by the locals. 

All sectors have a golden chance to finally reach the quality and perfection they deserve if they use the current economic crisis. Which is to their advantage by investing more in domestic talent, craftsmanship, and products.


This blog attempts to mark the importance of local weavers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, and women seeking new job opportunities in this current fashion industrial sector, on how the crowd could help them. However, it takes one to support one, and going vocal for locals is one of the first steps one could follow to make their mark significant.

TDK answers What Does An Ideal Maharani Day Look Like?

From throwing tantrums at the black coffee cup because the vendor didn’t revert on time to closing deals that bring massive changes to Maharani Women, our team of 10 slays its all. Join us with this amazing roller coaster ride of what an ideal Maharani Day looks like w.r.t. TDK’s life. 

Morning Meetings – On Board Calls – Brainstorm

The Maharani’s Day usually begins around 8:45 AM, when TDK steps out of her house and drives to the office. With Bangalore’s traffic in mind, give or take, it officially begins at 10:00 AM. (PS TDK lives 20 minutes away from the office). She then writes down all the need-to-do jobs and tasks for that day, brainstorms some of the best ideas, decides on which deals to avail at Maharani for the coming week, and so on. Her motto is to believe in self. It is her one ongoing motivational liner. TDK also stresses on the fact that you must take breaks in between so that better ideas might just land on your mind. Then she writes down another set of pointers that are termed “new ideas,” which take time to implement. That’s when it’s time to head towards her meetings. Conferences are TDK’s forte. Be it maintaining a balanced on-call discussion with a vendor, or an annoying customer, without throwing flying chappals because of the frustration that comes along the way, is TDK’s main agenda. Her patience is one key that truly drives Maharani through and through. On Board calls and meetings consume around 4 – 5 hours of Tanishka’s day at Maharani

Research the Idea, Plan the Idea, and research about its possibility again. 

TDK’s one set goal is research. Either her or the team, all they do is research, gather information, accumulate it, and then deliver the main pointers. Maharani Women is an online retail store that ships royal wear products Pan India and 85+ countries. How else would the team grapple if it doesn’t research? The team of Maharani consists of 10 employees that work round the clock to ensure smooth functioning and seamless connection of Maharani Women and the website, respectively. 

They work in the backend, frontend, SEO, content creation for social handles, managing vendors, handling the mailbox, and so on. However, customer service is our prime priority. Whenever we receive mails, messages, complaints, and so on, TDK and the team work quickly and make sure that the customer has their query fixed in no time. However, TDK’s one enemy is the arrival of sleep at exactly 3:00 PM. The only one she can never beat. Don’t worry, her team’s got her back! Coming back to square one, researching about markets, what’s happening globally is what TDK does for at least 1-2 hours on a typical Maharani’s Day. 

What are Maharani’s stress busters?

If Netflix is high on Radhika Apte, our TDK is high on black coffee. Two ideal things that both cannot say no to. TDK definitely drinks 2 cups of black coffee, or it might add to even 3 – 4 on an ideal day as well. For the stress buster, TDK’s mantra is playing board games or UNO (of course, with her team). This is the only time around the evening when the Maharani Team gathers around to play and have fun for about half an hour and then gets back to work. Another greatest of all stress busters of TDK is reading books. 

Books that are termed as “self-help”, “personal development”, or so are her favorite. She is currently hooked to “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. Apart from that, she often checks Instagram to not miss on any updates from her staff and be affirmed with trending news. Yoga is one last therapy that TDK loves to do. Yoga takes half an hour of a day in TDK’s life everyday. It is what adds value to our ideal Maharani Day.

Schedule the next ideal Maharani day, prep for the incoming calls, and so on.

The day ends with the Maharani Team successfully closing deals, getting absolutely high on content layouts, air kicking aggressively because there was a new algorithm update on Instagram, and thus heading home around 8:30 PM. 

TDK is what makes the company live through, survive one more day, and thrive. As she always claims, “You’re your own person, and whatever you’ve started, is your baby.” She treats the company as her baby, her passion, her drive, and whatnot! To say that the day ends at 8:30 PM is a blatant lie. It never does! You can always ping the service id anytime, and DING, there you go, your query fixed. Thus concluding our ideal Maharani day!

A Modern Guide to Buying The Dream Bridal Lehenga

Any bride’s dream wedding would be woven with memorable attires she chooses. What if we changed the story for you and claimed that we are the best online stores pan India and worldwide for that, the Bridal Lehenga of your dreams is with us? Maharani Women comes with yet another chic blog this week proclaiming some of the best tips and tricks to purchase your dream bridal lehenga for the incoming destination wedding! Are you a bridesmaid? Don’t worry, and we’ve got everything in store to felicitate you as well. Here’s your modern guide to buying the dream bridal lehenga.

Before we dig in, read our recent blog on Tanishka Kapoor’s one stop guide towards creating your own signature style!

Affordability – your prime goal

What are some essential layouts you worry about before you purchase any commodity? Price, purchasing power, and when it comes to online stores, reliability. At Maharani Women, we deliver ethnic designer bridal wear at affordable rate keeping in mind the purchasing power of a commoner. We just do so, along with royalty as our one motto. As our bio speaks, “With Royalty, Come Affordability”. When you look out to buy your destination wedding’s attire, these bridal lehengas thus speak volumes. 

Comfort should be your first priority!

Yes, it takes a ceremony of 9 – 10 hours. You have to sit in front of the holy fire or on a queen chair and smile for a continuous period of 5 – 6 hours that, after a while, you won’t even be able to feel your cheeks. While selecting your dream bridal lehenga, always make it a rule to opt for a lehenga that is not embroidered with heavy works but looks like it. Any sort of shimmer look or glass look will work wonders. Choose a blouse that doesn’t tighten at your rear ends and gives you ample amounts of space to be as breathable as possible. Try out for a dupatta that is thus embroidered with royal work, PS: you can lay this on the chair, and thus saves you the burden of weighing it all the time.

Check out our Navratri Collection!

At the comfort of your home

One of the most time-consuming jobs while planning weddings and ceremonies is cloth shopping. Lehengas and sarees for you, your bridesmaids, for the cocktail party, for the Mehendi function, and different attire for each occasion. Yes, tiring as well. We at Maharani totally understand you. 100 points for acknowledging that. Now, one life saver tip we would love to give you is that you can buy all these attires, semi-stitched or custom stitched, at the comfort of your homes. Because we are just one click away. You can chat with us on the WhatsApp number available, clear all your doubts in one go before purchasing your dream bridal lehenga, and then just chill out. We’ve got it covered for you. 

Wide Range of Options

Our primal focus for your guide is to always go for stores online/offline that have a large variety to choose from. Boutiques or Houses make it limited. When you have a wide variety of platters to choose from, your opportunities increase. If you want a Bridal lehenga that is velvet in fabric, has a blouse in a darker shade, and could be custom stitch able, you ought to take the high road. Online stores usually felicitate a variety of designer lehengas to choose from, ordering them according to prices, colors, and a lot more. These options are what make your lehenga stand out. 

One thing almost every planner forgets is to make options available for bridesmaids. Their outfits, too, are as important as yours. Maharani Women has a wide collection of cocktail outfits and party wear collection that you must check out. These are quite affordable, and believe us, and your girls would be thrilled to have worn our outfits! Good luck out there choosing the best dream bridal lehenga for your destination wedding. Stay tuned for more updates!