How Third Trimester Focuses on The Need for Comfortable Clothes

Pregnancy – the most exciting and vulnerable period of a woman’s life. Your body undergoes numerous changes: the extra pounds, the baby bump, the pregnancy glow: all beautiful in their way. 28 weeks through 40 weeks of pregnancy is the third trimester. Some mothers feel increasingly uncomfortable and anxious as their due date approaches. This is because the fetus grows in size, crowding the abdominal region. Stretch marks and false contractions begin to appear. There may be difficulty breathing and sleeping at night. Nevertheless, it is a period of life to cherish and treasure.  

Why should we give up on our mantra ‘looking good all the time during pregnancy? With gender reveal ceremonies, maternity photoshoots, baby showers, etc., maternity dresses have undergone a revolution. Women are also looking for variety in maternity clothing, which is absolutely not a fault. Here we are with a few pregnancy fashion tips to help you flex your new body and self to the world.

Feeling comfortable fashionably

‘Feeling comfortable fashionably’ should be every pregnant woman’s style statement. Study your current wardrobe and figure out the pieces that can be used now. This is the time to dig into your husband’s wardrobe to find oversized t-shirts or shirts that are maternity friendly. While buying new clothes, choose clothes that will ‘grow’ with you. That is, buy stretchable or expandable clothes. Get a pair of stretchable jeans and trousers with elastic bands. Here is another lifesaver hack, grab a pair of treggings. If you wish to hide your bump, an oversized blazer perfectly does the job. Maxi dresses with floral or cute baby prints will make jaws drop in awe (it is more like awww). Do not fear heels, but we recommend shifting to comfier sneakers or slip-on. 

Comfort is the utmost necessity during this period. Wear airy, lightweight, loose clothes that enable you to move easily and breathe freely. Cotton must be your go-to fabric. Avoid other kinds of fabrics like silk, velvet, spandex, etc. All these may stifle your ease of movement and may make you sweat or feel suffocated. Choose mild or pastel shades and avoid bold prints, sequin, or heavy embroidery. 

You can maintain fashion, though. Present the Maharani plus size garments that match every description above. 


Designed specifically for pregnant and curvy women, it screams fashion and body positivity along its full length and width. Comfortable, breathable, and fashionable are its adjectives. We recommend Maharani’s colorful and versatile kurtas. A piece of garment that is suitable for every occasion, from casual meetups to events/ parties. Style it with Maharani’s hard box clutches and create a perfect outfit for doctor checkups. Pair it with palazzo pants, a printed dupatta, and Maharani’s fancy clutches to get a party-ready look. 

Let’s await the arrival of our ‘beloved guest’ fashionably. The child takes after the mother. Hence you are in the process of creating a fashionista yourself. See you later with more fashion tips and tricks. 

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