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The Tanishka Kapoor’s Guide to Creating Your Own Signature Style

Tanishka Kapoor is the founder and owner of Maharani Women – A Promising E-Commerce Platform for Clothing, Accessories, and the like. She’s been engaging with her customers, friends, and family and has been in the spotlight for many events. This is her best style guide to carrying oneself with grace. 

Always begin your week with formals. Formals scream confidence and positive vibes and make you stand out from the crowd. Who knows? You could conquer it all, and if your week’s start goes bad, formal wear might only cheer you up?

Always hook on to casual yet sleek or modern wear for mid-week wear. A pair of good trousers with a formal shirt, or office wear pants with a semi-casual top would always come to your rescue. Wear a pair of heavy earrings, or just a necklace, with sneakers as your go-to for footwear, since we are talking trousers. 

For mid-week wear, you could also wear Indian Clothing. A loose kurta with ankle-length pants would help you a great deal. To look charismatic in them, pair the look up with a pair of jhumkas. For footwear during an Indian aura mid-week haul, go for pair of juttis, or sliders. If you think both of them do not set the vibe, launch a voguish attire yourself with a pair of Kolhapuri slippers! And, voila, you’re all set. 

Did you know that good clothing sense would work wonders in front of your colleagues? You could become their inspiration as well!

For work wear on weekends, you could be that social butterfly wearing a skirt along with pretty heels that boost your confidence levels to the max. 

Remember not to wear anything bright but be subtle in your attire. Do not go for yellow, pink, or red colors that are way too vibrant. One pro tip our Maharani claims is worth it is that you could be loud wearing a good pair of footwear like juttis, sneakers, shoes, and earrings that are office style, suitable for work wear, etc. Furthermore, they make you look attractive and elegant and might give you a reason to smile. 

For more accessories, only if your Clothing is simple or you think it is way too ringarde, wear a bracelet along with a watch. But hey! Watch out if you sit at an office to smash on a keyboard from 9 to 5. 

Here are TDK’s best style tips for work!

  • Are you going for Indian wear that day? Tie your hair up. It makes you look clean or wear a high ponytail if you’re going for a western attire that day. Also, tying your hair up will always make you look sleek yet approachable at work. Pro-tip, you can focus better at work.
  • Always carry essentials like lip balm, nude lipstick, and mascara for skin tips. Of course, your SPF is a non-negotiable necessity. 
  • If you have a festive day at the office, an ethnic day, or any good days coming in, prefer Indian over anything!

Our Maharani’s style guide is a one-stop must-read. Check out her collections on Maharani Women, which she curated and picked herself under the categories of kurtas, footwear for juttis, clutches for work parties, and earrings section for some elegant work wear. Yes, her love for Indian wear made her start and run this online clothing store after all. Moreover, one thing to keep an eye on, whatever you wear, feel confident, wear a beaming smile that could make someone’s day better, and be that force that is unstoppable. In addition, good clothing attire will only make you stand out and earn brownie points and nothing less.