What Do Dreams Mean? Challenges of Entrepreneurs and How They Overcome Them?

Dreams are everlasting, catchy, often called “too ambitious,” or simply could remain as dreams. In this current era, where entrepreneurship and financial freedom go hand in hand, dreams convey a definitive approach to life’s nuances. This blog is about challenges, fears, and conditions entrepreneurs face and have or must oblige while carrying out successful businesses. 

According to research, crucial challenge entrepreneurs face is time. As Benjamin Franklin says in his book, “Time is Money,” entrepreneurs understand its value, and they enhance with it or fall prey to its versatility. Funny how dreams, with goals and ambitions, let none sleep at times and still are called “dreams.”  What are Maharani’s challenges faced as an entrepreneur?

24×7 Brainstorming about how to keep the business running?

Most business people that run their shops have only eCommerce platform visibility or both. Those who execute their business all day face a serious issue of how to keep the cash flowing – also called “Cash Flow management.” 

For this, our Maharani has some quick solutions like planning your day one day ahead and maintaining at least 2 – 3 long- and short-term to-do lists. Her golden rule is – if it can be done under 10 minutes, do it now. Though the obstacles occur daily, this helps ease some worries off your chest. 

Lack of belief from family and society

This is a constant battle that most entrepreneurs face. A “what if?” moment they have. It usually comes with less belief, or negligible support from the people close to you, because, at times, society influences them too much that they think they should put that pressure on you. 

This is a personal struggle. How to overcome it? Our Maharani’s hack? IGNORE. You’re your support system and biggest cheerleader. Ultimately, what you do, and how you’ve become is always on YOU. Not them. Forget not that you must believe in yourself. Dedicate at least 15 minutes of your day to yoga or meditation. Works wonders. 

“What If?” surpasses to “Giving Up” – Never ever.

When you pursue a specific dream, centered on your imagination, catered to how you need it, and work a little downward, you might have an intention of giving up. Just because there were no sales for 5 business days straight, no consumer engagement for 1 week towards your brand or company, or even worse, you have hit an all-time low-income rate, DOES NOT mean you give up. Maharani’s suggestions – Always go back to pondering why you’ve started all this? If not you, then who will take care of your baby? The marvelous company/brand/business that you’ve built and worked tooth and nail on. 

Dreams might be monotonous, simple, or complex. But the process or the journey you embark on is where it makes all the difference. The thought of having at least 3 to 4 passive incomes streaming down on your banks, being financially capable and self-independent takes a lot. How about the idea of giving to your parents without having a second thought? Chills down the spine, isn’t it? Chase your dreams, even though they won’t let you sleep, yet do it right, and do it now. Now is an excellent time, hun! 

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