What to Pack for A Weekend Getaway?

weekend getaway

Hold on if you’re wondering what to pack for a weekend getaway with your other social butterflies. Maharani Women is here with another blog on exactly letting the cats out of the bag by telling you all wanted products/items to carry on a weekend getaway! These listed products scream vintage and possess happy vibes. Let’s gain momentum. Shall we?

When you’ve packed all the bread and jam along with homemade sandwiches, smoothies, UNO cards, and not to forget the sunscreen to protect yourself from the scorching heat, maybe, you’d need a fantastic outfit to match on. Furthermore, to pair with them, you need a perfect set of accessories. Perhaps, this might be your ultimate weekend getaway ever! Here’re a few essentials you must carry. 

A gorgeous pair of funky earrings:

We have heard you. Yes, you wore that beautiful straight dress with a boat neckline, but now you think which jewelry would compliment you and the dress? Earrings hun! Huge earrings that look charming, pretty, and vibe worthy. Earrings always laud your style and let you flaunt right through the getaway. Let’s cut to the chase, these pair of earrings might also allow you to show off the dress, and maybe you get a good amount of pictures as well? Perhaps, earrings should be your only go-to! Moving on. 

Casual sling bags:

Do you know what excites an occasion? Have a container or a purse that could carry all your essentials in one go. A sling bag is what we propose. Simple, fun, and casual to carry by. You can put in the most indispensable lip balm, a sanitizer, tissues, a phone, and maybe an extra pair of napkins too! Sling bags look incredibly needy, and yes, they are indeed. In addition, they add color to your dress and make you look like the prettiest butterfly in the room. Why not you try them? Trust us, and they are worth it! 

Sliders (footwear) – Flat sandals or sliders, as the gen z calls it, mark your territory for the getaway. They are light, come in all sizes and colors, and maybe match your outfit! If you’re pondering where to buy sliders that fit perfectly, Maharani Women is your go-to! Moreover, it should be. Maharani avails the best sliders that look cute, handcrafted, and scream beauty formidably. They also look chic and trendy in nature that exactly complement your dress. What else are you waiting for?

With this, Maharani sits in the corner, hoping you have decided on which tip to value and make an investment on. If not, all three! These should be your best picks on what to pack for a weekend getaway! Rock that weekend getaway! Adios. 

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