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What Does Self-Reliance Mean? How Does It Affect An Entrepreneur?

Self-reliance is the ability to live on your terms and not to depend on anyone for your happiness or wants. Things might fall out of place or pace too much that, at times, it becomes difficult for an entrepreneur to handle. This Maharani blog focuses on self-reliance with a personal growth perspective. Let’s dive in right away! 

Planning your week and chalking out sufficient time for personal growth

Monday blues are often scary. What if I don’t meet the deadline? What if that employee doesn’t finish work on time? For entrepreneurs, planning the week on their calendars is a must-do. It could either be hand-written, journaled, or posted on everyone’s status updates on their Slack Apps. For anyone to plan their week, one thing they must be certain of is time management. Giving yourself breaks in between is essential for a productive week. Entrepreneurs often forget to chalk out some time for personal growth. Meditating or walking, going to the gym, or drinking that kale juice every morning.

These all count as giving yourself time. Learning investment opportunities, becoming financially independent, interpreting how to eat that frog and not fall prey to procrastination. These, too, count as personal growth. Maharani suggests you use apps like Power BI, keep out dairy or event calendar and note down all important to-dos for that week in one go. Also, dedicating some time to family and taking them out to a restaurant to spend quality time is integral to personal growth.

Finding happiness in your own company

Next stop? At you. Have you ever imagined what the world would be like without you? No impact? Less impact? Right. We, too, thought so. Making an impact on changing something is a cause worth living for. For that, you surely need to focus on YOU. You make you beautiful, strong, bold, and confident. Maharani’s top alert regarding self-reliance is finding happiness in your own company. 

Many entrepreneurs misinterpret this as spending time with friends, employees, or just with close family. But at times, it should just be you. Thinking, imagining, and wondering. Those are what that dream box of your brain does. For that, don’t you think you should give time to yourself?

Always use those 5 to 10 unused minutes in a day to learn something new.

We are sure you have at least 5 – 10 minutes between meetings, switching roles, or just going to the next session. Use those to learn something new. Did you know that reading 20 pages per day sharpens your linguistic abilities? Probably put those 10 minutes to this. Or finish off those pending email drafts, cold calling emails, and so on. Who knows if you just hit your next huge client with this habit? Or you could simply talk to someone in the family and make time. It brightens up both your days even better. Our Maharani’s top suggestions are listening to a podcast about anything of your interest (she listens to a personal development podcast) or reading a new blog about lifestyle to update yourself about current trends.

Count mistakes as experiences. Don’t make the same mistakes as your habit.

One interpretation in life that truly makes you self-reliant is counting mistakes as mistakes and learning what not to commit the next time. Every mistake is an experience. Our Maharani has flourished and is a potential entrepreneur by following this mantra. This is what makes her inspirational for the rest. Mistakes happen. It’s alright to give yourself a break when things occur too fast and fine to commit mistakes. But one thing to remember is never to make them a habit. As Grammarly says, “To err is to human.”

Practicing and following a hobby

This could be being up to date with football news, scores, and so on, learning how to play piano, or as simple as cooking your favorite meal by trying out new recipes for the same dish. Everyone has something that draws their attention. Some inspiring passion towards a certain goal – we term it as a hobby. Playing your favorite sport, learning a new language, or anything. That adds value to your self-time is a hobby. Always have a hobby. At times, it might be the one that makes you sane.

Limiting yourself to certain distractions to attain set goals. 

Everyone has goals. That’s unimportant. What makes you, YOU, and stand YOU apart, is whether you are possessed with it that you don’t allow others to distract you from it or not. Distractions can come in a variety. Distraction to attain goals is the peer pressure of wanting to go out every weekend; distraction is emotionally being invested in something that does not contribute to your growth; distraction is watching Netflix all the time and going to bed late. These are Maharani’s take on being sufficiently self-reliant. If you can avoid these distractions, your set target to achieve anything is invincible. 

Adios for today, queens! We hope you understood the terms you need to live on – to become the best version of yourself and be an inevident self reliance person. 

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