Her Campus Lifestyle – On-Boarding and Statement Look!

With the date of college and university life commencing around the corner, it’s time you changed your wardrobe to set examples, follow the current trends, or even better, live the best days wearing your comfortable yet unique in-style outfits. We all know there are some days where you have to play the businesswoman, or that wealthy yet smart entrepreneur role, or dress up for the homecoming queen, ohh what about nailing the best outfit for freshers’ day? 

In case you’re an international student as well, don’t worry, Maharani’s got you. We will help and guide you with useful tips and hacks to make the best of your college life, starting with your wardrobe collection. It must look versatile, and consist of the desired outfit for any occasion college throws at you. Maharani will also share some exciting college tips that she mastered in her college life, so that you can believe in these just like she did. What else are you waiting for? Dive right in, hun.

Wardrobe Must-Haves

Yes, we are aware that you would always want it to look simple and casual, yet make it worthwhile, while picking an outfit for college. What could you wear for a regular 5-day college every week? Here are Maharani’s top selects:

Straight Kurtis and Jeans: They would never disappoint you and work wonders. What if you had an awkward meeting with your HOD, or even worse, called to the Principal’s office? Kurti definitely sets an impression. Right? 

Anarkalis with Jeggings: These are desi favorites. If you come from a strict yet modern household, Maharani suggests you go for this look. Safe, casual, pretty, and always interactive kind of outfit. Anarkalis are worn from the Mughal era, till date, explains the love we have for Indian wear, doesn’t it?

Semi-formal Tops and Trousers: This outfit is only to make an impact on your peers, this sets it. Wear a solid color top or a floral top or self-designed tops that look semi-formal, yet casual. And then, pair it up with a pair of trousers that are either a pastel color or dark shades. Viola, you’ve created your statement look, get ready to be called “That Entrepreneur Girl” in college, if you dress it more with a coat! 

Skirts and cute tops: Yes, we all know that one girl that wears skirts to college. Oops, hun, sorry, we were just talking about how lovely you look. Yes, in case you fall into this category, check out the latest collection of skirts at Maharani and do a spree on them. Okay?

Occasional Outfit Collection

We are 100% sure your freshers is around the corner, or you have a meet up with THE boss. No worries, we gotchu. Here are some major Maharani outfits to adorn and own for occasion wear. 

Freshers: A lehenga or a salwar suit. Either of your picks should work great. Usually these outfits set a classic example of how beautiful you could look and deliver your homecoming speech or freshers speech in one go. Moreover, these outfits set an example to the rest of your peers that the mini-you can pull off anything, be it a dress, or a lehenga, you own and flaunt it. Salwar Suits on the other hand, come a long way, if you’re a fan of these, Maharani suggests you definitely try her best picks on site, and deliver the speech, right away, with more confidence of course. 

Investiture Ceremony: We are sure you have a color themed outfit for this particular occasion. Hey, kudos to you for bagging that impressive position at your college sweetheart! Now, to wear and set a statement, Maharani has several straight kurtis and Anarkalis available in store for you to check out. Pick an outfit you like, and flaunt it queen!

Ethnic Day: Yes, we have all loved and dreaded for this day to arrive. Positive vibes everywhere, cute stuff happening (iykyk) around the corners, and YOU, standing out. We suggest you wear some beautiful sarees, also check out on Maharani, we mean it. Ethnic day comes once a year, don’t you want to make the most of it? Wear something simple yet impeccable of your taste silk saree, or a Salwar Suit, in case you’re uncomfortable with saree. And there you go! All set. 

Accessories and Footwear Collection to Flaunt

Some of the must-haves in accessories are everyday clutches, be it rectangular or hard box, or round college wears. There are several limited-edition back to college clutches too that you could try on at Maharani. Clutches are handy, useful when you have an in-college meet up. Imagine you have to show up with your bag all the time! Won’t it be a life-saver when you have an in-emergency clutch lying inside your bag, all the time. Time has come to invest in it, hun. 

Your must-try time for jewellery too has arrived. Maharani has several statement earrings you could try on, that cost you less than 600/- and all college approved. Check out our store for more. They look so adorable, yet fashionable and they set the trend of course. Put them on, and own them today!

However, we have finally arrived at the destination stop for you to step out of your home, take that metro or bus, or scooty, and then barge inside the college, flaunting your ID cards. What about your footwear?

Each person has their own comfort footwear when it comes to wearing them daily. It could be either heels, or juttis, or sliders, or just crocs. Whenever you wear anything Indian, always match that with a selective piece of footwear that screams Indian too. Check out the latest collection of juttis and more at Maharani. 

All the Best Queen!

With that, Maharani wishes you good luck towards this new beginning of your academic year. Never settle for less. Score the best in those exams, and above all, live to your fullest. Always remember, wear comfortable clothes, make a good impression and stand out among your peers, if you ever have a doubt with your outfits and looks, we are one dm away on Instagram (@maharaniwomen) or you could always contact us for recommendations as well.

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