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Styling Jutti: How to Incorporate Traditional Footwear into Modern Fashion

Juttis are a special footwear that scream festivals, functions, big days, etc. But hey, even we have seen pretty women wear Juttis to the office and college as well. For that, let’s rewind our Jutti’s story. Traditionally made by hand, Juttis are crafted from soft leather and often decorated with intricate embroidery, beadwork, or sequins. In this blog, you’ll learn how to style Jutti with your everyday casual and ethnic outfits. 

Traditional Indian Clothing

Do you have an all-time rule in your college that says “only ethnic/formal wear”? Then you must start styling your everyday attire with a Jutti. Juttis are a versatile type of footwear that comes in embroidered and printed patterns. They add an extra flare to your outfit and make you stand out in the crowd. 

Check out: Yellow Handcrafted Floral Buckle Jutti

Adding further, formal wear in India for women is Kurta. For pairing up with footwear which always adds that extra compliment, Juttis are an excellent choice – says our Maharani. Even our Maharani firmly believes in this and wears them to the office in her traditional and fusion outfits daily. She has a collection of 20+ Juttis with her. Say whaaat! Yes, that’s love 😀

Indian Fusion Wear

The right footwear for Indian Fusion is always debated. Indian fusion and juttis can be paired to create a stylish and unique look. For example, a modern top or dress can be paired with a traditional jutti to create an Indian fusion outfit that is both comfortable and fashionable. Juttis can also be worn with traditional Indian attire, such as a saree or salwar kameez, to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the outfit.

zig zag printed jutti

Check out: Zig Zag Printed Back Open Jutti

In recent years, juttis have gained popularity not only in India but also around the world. They have become a staple in the wardrobes of many fashion-forward individuals who appreciate their unique style and craftsmanship. Many designers have started to incorporate juttis into their collections, creating modern versions of this traditional footwear.

Western Wear and Juttis – Do they go hand in hand?

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your everyday wardrobe or create a bold and eclectic look, juttis are a versatile choice that are sure to make a statement. Juttis come in a variety of designs and colors, which makes them a versatile choice for Western wear. They can be worn with solid colored outfits to add a pop of color, or with printed clothing to create a bold and eclectic look. 

blue floral handcrafted jutti

Check out: Blue Floral Embroidered Handcrafted Jutti

For example, a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt can be paired with a colorful and intricately embroidered jutti to create a stylish fusion outfit. Similarly, a dress or skirt can be paired with juttis to create a more formal and elegant look. Juttis add a touch of traditional elegance to Western clothing, making them a perfect choice for those who want to add a cultural element to their wardrobe.

Before you leave, Maharani also thinks that you need a stance on how many kinds or types of Juttis exist in our online store. So, hold on. We have around 400 Juttis products, ready to be packed and shipped, as soon as you hit that confirm button once purchased. Our finest categories and collections include:

  • Kolhapuri Jutti: One of its kind and a fast-moving product type in our online store. These are delivered with intricate designs that scream indian heritage and trendy fashion. If you’re looking for comfortable everyday wear footwear but with a small touch of tradition and culture, we suggest you buy them and try them on! 
  • Embroidered/Handcrafted Jutti: Made with love in India, these Juttis are an all-time favourite. We often had to put a “sold out” tag on some of our best and highly sold Juttis. These juttis are an incredible collection for your footwear wardrobe. They have versatile detailing, hand-embroidered and hold firm when worn. If you want to pair something with your ethnic wear, we suggest you buy these. 
  • Printed Juttis: These juttis are everyone’s go-to for office and casual wear. They look pretty, are breathable, and are mostly affordable for college-going students who live on a budget. In case you’re confused about what to wear for that board room meeting, where you want to sound firm, but look cheerful, we suggest you buy these. 
  • Buckle Juttis: Yes, you heard us right. We at Maharani Women have finally introduced our much-awaited footwear collection in Jutti – The Buckle Jutti. They come with prefixed oxidised pieces that look like payals, but aren’t. They indeed at jewellery to your footwear which makes them look much more intriguing.  

That’s all for this blog queen! If you have more suggestions, please DM us on our IG handle @maharaniwomen. Today, juttis are primarily worn by women and have evolved to include more intricate embroidery and embellishments. Hence incorporating traditional footwear into modern fashion <3

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