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Are you looking for that perfect Indian attire that screams festive vibes and throws some sunshine here and there? Read through some of our trendiest outfit ideas and stories that you must dwell about before buying for this festive season—featuring some of our top stories about the Online Fashion Blog – Maharani Women.

With an opening of Varalakshmi Vrath, which is usually celebrated on any Friday during Shravan month, and the bond celebration of siblings – Rakhi, Ganesh Chaturthi, and subsequently, it’s vital that you keep certain Indian traditional outfits set and ready. Top ideas? Keep scrolling.

Outfit Story #1

The festive season is cherished and worked on for long hours, and to keep it casual, wear something simple, along with a pair of beautiful jhumkas and the best footwear choice? Printed Juttis! However, you can mix and match wearing trousers or pants that portray a solid color or call it modern with a pair of low-waist jeans. This idea will work wonders for in addition to, if you belong to Gen Z. 

Imagine having to carry heaps of sweets and perform chores here to there, yet swagging it with wearing some of the best attires widely accepted and adored?

Outfit Story #2

For someone that is newly-wed or celebrating their first festival at a different household and would love to flaunt it with a simple, and breathable outfit then a saree must be your go. Certain households prefer sarees on any occasion given. These sarees are affordable, elegant, and, most importantly, easy to carry. Furthermore, we think the ideal choice of saree could be a silk-saree from Maharani, which curtails some of the best trendy collections.

If you’re running late for an event during the festivity and don’t know how to style it, we suggest you wear handcrafted juttis as footwear and drops as your choice for earrings. 

Trending Info. Bytes

From a wider perspective, it has come to Maharani’s notice that Gen Z is inclining more towards funky jewelry that any college-going student would love to show off. Moreover, check out our jewelry corner, where earrings are on huge sale. They are below 600/-, quite affordable, and are a part of the limited college edition.

Quick Tip from Maharani

Keep it simple yet modest while flaunting your attire for the festive season or any occasion for that matter. You define style and beauty, not the other way around. That’s all about the online fashion blog. Kill it, queens! 

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