Throwback to Maharani x Cul-Ah Memories

Throwback to Maharani x CulAh

An unlimited amount of fun, joy, team spirit, and coordination can only be witnessed when the greatest of all events occur during a student’s prime years of college. One such event is the Annual fest of the College. Here we are, back with another blog, but this time, it’s about a fest we co-sponsored for, one of Bangalore’s finest colleges for Arts, Commerce, and more – Mount Carmel College, Autonomous, Bangalore. Their fest, known as “Queen of All Fests” truly speaks for itself. Cul-Ah. The memories we ponder upon are “Maharani x Cul-Ah”. 

The Annual Fest was for 2 days. April 20 and 21. We divide them into Day 1 and Day 2. And Pre-Cul Ah , April 18 where we carried out our most vivid campaign. Keep scrolling to read more.

A Self Strengthening Campaign called “You’re a Maharani because..”

We did this campaign as a fun and informative approach towards understanding how an all girls college reacts to this particular question thrown at them. It was done on April 18 as a Pre Cul-Ah project via Maharani. Students from all over the campus hurriedly wrote their answers, some of which we loved, and never thought could be an answer. It had a solid goal to let introverts, LGBTQ+ supporting women, and think tanks come forward to give their valuable answers. We also had a small team on these both days that worked tirelessly to ensure smooth functioning of the programme. Totally, everyone fell for it!

Our best picks are:
“I am a Maharani because I thrive through patriarchy at each sphere of the society and trying to make my way through hurdles. I believe in making and finding joy. Each one of us is a Maharani simply because we exist!” – Aaheli

I am a Maharani because I am strong, confident, beautiful, and courageous. I don’t need anyone’s opinions, nor do I wonder about them. – Anonymous

The Photo Booth Experience

On the main days of the fest, we put up a photo op, popularly called a photo booth with orange and pink as our go-to colors. It was a super fun contest open for all participants. And students across the country that have arrived on the fest days. We have also put up prizes and more for the contest winners. And finally, out of more than 200+ participants in the contest, we had 3 top winners. Followed by 7 more that received some exciting gift hampers from Maharani. 

From professors to tiny tots, to Maharani herself, the fashion team, and dance teams, and many more loved the photo booth and clicked pictures on it. Most of them were in awe of the booth and said some of them said they wanted to participate on both days as well! It adored us how they all came forward to contest in the competition and stand out in their unique styles. One breathtaking activity we did was this!

Cul Ah 2022 Enthralling Memories

Our main motto for this annual fest was to let a woman know her true potential by volunteering, participating, winning, and slamming it all in one go. Sometimes, experiences like these build up your leadership qualities, along with team-building, active participation, and quick reflex when you face a problem or a mishap. With an overall joy score of 100/100, we loved sponsoring the fest at MCC, for their Cul-Ah 2022, and trust us, it was one hell of a ride! 

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