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Which small shop owner doesn’t like a little boost to his confidence or creativity? The rampant selling of foreign goods in the home country has led to the degradation of SMEs and so on in India. And today, only a few tycoon stores rely on the total worldwide consumption for their goods. In this current and trending era where there’s much preference for imported goods rather than local markets, thus prevailing deprivation of GDP home country, it’s time we went vocal for local. The local markets need to flourish, small scale and young entrepreneurs need to step on, showcase their service/products, and then let the crowd decide what they want to buy. These include cheering and understanding the significance of:

  • Small Scale Business Owners
  • Online Retailers
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Craftsmen
  • Local Weavers
  • Juttis Craftsmen
  • Tribal Crafts/Art. 

The above listed are some of the few sections of society that Maharani Women truly supports and avails a platform to offer a living along with them. 

Why are Local Weavers Important?

First, let us discuss this with an example taken from the area called “Kanchipuram.” Also known as the “city of one thousand temples,” it is a historic town in southern India with a thriving past and illustrious culture. One of the city’s well-known traditional arts is the weaving of silk sarees. The towns, temples, and crafts that make up this cultural fabric all work together and depend on one another. Despite its historical significance, weaving is on the decline. Which was due to causes such as a lack of investment in infrastructure, the poor living conditions of weavers, low salaries, and the advent of power looms. There are presently only a handful of traditional weavers’ homes and weavers’ clusters left in Kanchipuram.

This is a hard-felt lesson on the Indian weaving communities that have depended on this section for a long time. With the rapid industrialization and shift in consumer preferences, it’s becoming challenging for local weavers to stick by and understand global markets. It is time we supported each other, which would increase our consumption of local goods and promote their growth. 

What can be done? 

  • Find Indian-owned online retail shops such as Maharani Women and help them sell their products. 
  • Promote their weaving business on local Instagram reels and shops, effectively increasing social media awareness. 
  • Address their challenges with taking help of already existing policies. 

Fine muslin, silk, denim, cotton, and hand-woven khadi fabrics are becoming increasingly available on the market. Many Indian labels provide ready-to-wear, and local tailors are skilled at making clothes that fit like a glove and may meet any need for formal or casual attire.

In India, where people have access to the finest of the international fashion season right at their fingertips through widespread web exposure, it is not difficult to promote bespoke apparel and collaborate with these local suppliers to produce your designs.

Get in touch with any special expertise and ability in the area, and they can help you design a wardrobe that works with the latest trends in fashion. Thus going vocal for local is one good move to master in!

How to Encourage Small Shop Owners?

The epidemic has taught us a lot about our consumption habits and prompted us to take a hard look at our basic needs. It’s no surprise that now is the time to align our buying habits to a more thoughtful approach in light of the global trend toward patronizing locally owned businesses. Instagram recently introduced a ‘Support Small Business’ badge in stories to accentuate the comeback of small-scale enterprises, and celebrities like Priyanka Chopra have used their profiles to bring attention to their favorite local brands. In the long run, it makes sense to adopt these habits as we (hopefully) move closer to the end of a prolonged stay-inside lifestyle brought on by the vaccine drive. Is there anything else you can do to help? Keep in mind these easy, no-cost measures to strengthen your resolve. 

What can be done? 

  • Give them a shoutout on your social media profile.
  • Engage with their products on an online base. 
  • If you ever purchased their products, write honest reviews.

Since the launch of campaigns like “Vocal for Local” and “Aatmanirbhar Bharat,” Indians have developed a greater pride in their country’s manufactured goods and technological advancements. The same quality one is looking for in high-powered imports may be within reach if one uses indigenous techniques and materials with the necessary expertise. Handcrafted products such as Juttis at Maharani Women are one such example where they are exceptionally made only in India by the locals. 

All sectors have a golden chance to finally reach the quality and perfection they deserve if they use the current economic crisis. Which is to their advantage by investing more in domestic talent, craftsmanship, and products.


This blog attempts to mark the importance of local weavers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, and women seeking new job opportunities in this current fashion industrial sector, on how the crowd could help them. However, it takes one to support one, and going vocal for locals is one of the first steps one could follow to make their mark significant.

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