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This Wedding Season, Spend Less on Decor and More on Outfits

That time of the year is around the corner. That right time your cousins are getting married, or you have to be a bridesmaid, or even better, you are the bride! Maharani Women is here with another blog telling you why it is essential to have an intimate wedding with the right attire and outfit rather than hinting at deep pockets for decor and the like.  

Why should you consider investing in bridal and wedding outfits? 

Bridal or Wedding attires avail suitable options where you could wear the same Lehengas – Maharani more than once, yet mix/match with other pieces and make it look effortless. 

It definitively saves money, you would spend less than half of how much you would spend it was on decor. Call it a day for your pictures to work wonders, any hill station or beach resort. 

Wear Bridal Lehengas – Maharani that looks elegant, marvels all your day at the wedding, and above all, brings out the live focus on just you!

What could you possibly invest at Maharani Women for a special wedding outfit? 

Our first pick is Bridal Lehengas – Maharani, wander through our handpicked products by the founder herself. These lehengas come in various fabrics. From silk to embroidered to velvet to foil work, Maharani Women avails multiple color options to choose from as well. Moreover, you can always have your DIY blouse for the Lehenga or mix and perfectly match it with your personal favorites at home. We have Mirror-work & Heavy Embroidered Silk Lehenga on our wishlist as our must-have for the wedding season outfit collection. 

Our next pick would be recommending some of our best Jewellery – Maharani. Furthermore, we suggest you check out our wide range of jewellery sets at Maharani Women. Our top and quick moving set for this season is Dark Green Kundan Heavy Floral Jewellery Set

We’ll let out a little secret. Perhaps you check out this mentioned product and related for the best attire possible. 

Adding further, for an immaculate footwear collection, why not check out our handcrafted juttis that are beautifully embroidered, contain mirror work, or look stunning in our one unique Off-white & Gold Handwork Jutti at Maharani Women? 

Also, look out for some printed juttis or sliders for other days during the season when you need to put in a lot of work and chores. 

ConclusionBeyond Decor, Exists an Extraordinary Attire!

Wedding bells demand a lot of money and time. It is not an easy job to pick the right attire for any occasion, let alone your wedding season. These current trends show a spike in spending for the coolest and trending wedding attires than paying your whole life savings on decor. However, investing in the right places is where you prove to be smart and thoughtful. Moreover, to have an intimate wedding wearing the best of all collections from Maharani Women.