TDK answers What Does An Ideal Maharani Day Look Like?

From throwing tantrums at the black coffee cup because the vendor didn’t revert on time to closing deals that bring massive changes to Maharani Women, our team of 10 slays its all. Join us with this amazing roller coaster ride of what an ideal Maharani Day looks like w.r.t. TDK’s life. 

Morning Meetings – On Board Calls – Brainstorm

The Maharani’s Day usually begins around 8:45 AM, when TDK steps out of her house and drives to the office. With Bangalore’s traffic in mind, give or take, it officially begins at 10:00 AM. (PS TDK lives 20 minutes away from the office). She then writes down all the need-to-do jobs and tasks for that day, brainstorms some of the best ideas, decides on which deals to avail at Maharani for the coming week, and so on. Her motto is to believe in self. It is her one ongoing motivational liner. TDK also stresses on the fact that you must take breaks in between so that better ideas might just land on your mind. Then she writes down another set of pointers that are termed “new ideas,” which take time to implement. That’s when it’s time to head towards her meetings. Conferences are TDK’s forte. Be it maintaining a balanced on-call discussion with a vendor, or an annoying customer, without throwing flying chappals because of the frustration that comes along the way, is TDK’s main agenda. Her patience is one key that truly drives Maharani through and through. On Board calls and meetings consume around 4 – 5 hours of Tanishka’s day at Maharani

Research the Idea, Plan the Idea, and research about its possibility again. 

TDK’s one set goal is research. Either her or the team, all they do is research, gather information, accumulate it, and then deliver the main pointers. Maharani Women is an online retail store that ships royal wear products Pan India and 85+ countries. How else would the team grapple if it doesn’t research? The team of Maharani consists of 10 employees that work round the clock to ensure smooth functioning and seamless connection of Maharani Women and the website, respectively. 

They work in the backend, frontend, SEO, content creation for social handles, managing vendors, handling the mailbox, and so on. However, customer service is our prime priority. Whenever we receive mails, messages, complaints, and so on, TDK and the team work quickly and make sure that the customer has their query fixed in no time. However, TDK’s one enemy is the arrival of sleep at exactly 3:00 PM. The only one she can never beat. Don’t worry, her team’s got her back! Coming back to square one, researching about markets, what’s happening globally is what TDK does for at least 1-2 hours on a typical Maharani’s Day. 

What are Maharani’s stress busters?

If Netflix is high on Radhika Apte, our TDK is high on black coffee. Two ideal things that both cannot say no to. TDK definitely drinks 2 cups of black coffee, or it might add to even 3 – 4 on an ideal day as well. For the stress buster, TDK’s mantra is playing board games or UNO (of course, with her team). This is the only time around the evening when the Maharani Team gathers around to play and have fun for about half an hour and then gets back to work. Another greatest of all stress busters of TDK is reading books. 

Books that are termed as “self-help”, “personal development”, or so are her favorite. She is currently hooked to “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. Apart from that, she often checks Instagram to not miss on any updates from her staff and be affirmed with trending news. Yoga is one last therapy that TDK loves to do. Yoga takes half an hour of a day in TDK’s life everyday. It is what adds value to our ideal Maharani Day.

Schedule the next ideal Maharani day, prep for the incoming calls, and so on.

The day ends with the Maharani Team successfully closing deals, getting absolutely high on content layouts, air kicking aggressively because there was a new algorithm update on Instagram, and thus heading home around 8:30 PM. 

TDK is what makes the company live through, survive one more day, and thrive. As she always claims, “You’re your own person, and whatever you’ve started, is your baby.” She treats the company as her baby, her passion, her drive, and whatnot! To say that the day ends at 8:30 PM is a blatant lie. It never does! You can always ping the service id anytime, and DING, there you go, your query fixed. Thus concluding our ideal Maharani day!

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