Health Care for Women in Rural Areas

India has over 1.3 billion people and is the second most populous country in the world. Several challenges faced in the health sector in India, including a lack of healthcare for many people, occur to those particularly living in rural areas. There are also significant disparities in health outcomes between different regions and socio-economic groups. The government has implemented various policies to address these issues, but there is still a long way to go in improving the population’s overall health. Access to healthcare can be a major issue for women living in rural areas, especially in specialized care such as obstetric and gynecological services. 

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These services are often unavailable in rural areas, meaning that women have to travel long distances to access them, which can be difficult and costly. Rural areas also tend to have higher rates of chronic diseases, which can be difficult to manage without adequate healthcare. All of these factors can significantly impact the health and well-being of women living in rural areas. We at Maharani Women would like to draw the attention of the youth and abled citizens of this generation to understand this pressing issue well and work or contribute towards the welfare of their health. Towards the health of rural women, who lack good facilities or infra to avail for the same regarding their health problems. 

What can you do? To support and cater good care?

Adult Education and Training:  Not only spreading awareness but one of the highlights we need to focus on is to educate. Policies in India throughout have always helped India achieve something better than nothing. Keeping in mind these policies, it’s time citizens from mixed and working classes take it as a Responsibility to ensure “Each one, Teach one” or more implemented policy frameworks have a larger meaning. In addition, educated crowds could enact financial, economic, and social knowledge in women in the rural sector. 

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Strengthening Primary Health Care: Delivering the essential tools and expecting rural populations to treat themselves is incorrect and absurd. It is necessary to teach the rural masses basic first aid and then give them an opportunity to treat others with care. Moreover, appointing good health care – doctors, staff, and nurses, that can accommodate the crowd is important. 

Women Centric Health Care Societies: Sounds new? No, it’s an older version of calling for better PHC and a credited mandate for rural healthcare professionals to follow. But how to make them women-centric? Being thorough with the news, up to date on what’s happening with almost 15% of the women population that reside in rural areas. And caring about not only their physical but also their mental health is precisive. Adding on to that, setting up women-centric health facilities in rural areas is crucial. And contributing towards them is what you could ponder on! 

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A Family Counseling Session Every 6 Months: To the indecisive minds that inculcate female infanticide in most rural areas, it’s high time, young adults and psychology majors step up and start stressing on the ill effects of this practice, address the issue within families crucially, and try to bring in a change in the mindsets of the families. 

Support NGOs That Contribute Towards This Cause: You heard us right. Maybe you cannot devote your time to this cause. But what’s being human without thinking about these issues? Step up and contribute by any means to NGOs that support and work towards the betterment of women crowds in rural areas. 


Not everything is everyone’s cup of tea. But everyone has a right to know. Right to be informed. Keeping these issues insignificant can only harm future generations. Dear queens, this is not a regular blog update. This is a serious issue. Let’s start tackling and making our nation a better place to live. It begins with you, us, and then a crowd!

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