Not Your Regular Mishaps at Maharani Women!

Yes, you heard that right! All of us have had good days and bad days. No day goes by where everything is a cakewalk and trouble-free @maharaniwomen. You might’ve overshared during a conversation or had a gluten-free day gone shambles, aye aye, hear our short story of one single cute Wednesday of what we claim and cry our hearts out as “Mishaps at Maharani Women!”

No wonder it was a car crash.

Ahhh, our main Maharani kickstarted her day with 1 hour of good yoga and a scrumptious breakfast, and she was all set to step foot out on a Wednesday morning. Regular day, right? As she accelerated her way, on the right signal, in India’s most crowded cities, Bangalore and THUD, there goes an auto bumping straight into her car. Yes, she was fine. But how was her precious car? Shambles. Complete SHAMBLES. Soon did, Chandana get a call from her, “Hey, will hop in a lil late today, make sure all pending work gets done,” to which Chandana exclaimed, “What happened? Hope everything’s alright.., stuck in traffic?”, – Maharani, “even better, car crash.” What would be your usual reply? “How are you? How is the car?”. What was Chandana’s? “AGAIN?” Yes, probably the 2nd time in a row our TDK had her car crash. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! 

Moving on, now, things get even crazy at the Maharani Women. 

Remember when Chandana was told to ensure everything goes smoothly and falls in place @maharaniwomen? Well, it turned out Chandana’s normal Wednesday, when her classes usually begin at 10 AM, made a roller coaster move and began at 8 AM only, which she was unaware till then! On top of the cherry, she even had an unattended assignment of Economics, her nightmare subject, due at 3 PM. Chandana had 3 jobs that day, complete content at Maharani, update TDK, and begin her new research. Did she complete them? And btw, did TDK make it to the office that day? 

Stay tuned. Here comes your legit mishap. 

It was around 2:45 PM, and Chandana was almost done with half of her Econ assignment. No, she bunked college that day, and of course, yes, she didn’t even begin the research for her work. “Cling”, a message chimes in, read- TDK: “I am coming, all is good, hope our place is not crowded.” Chandana turned around, everything looked fine-ISH, and she ordered a green tea for TDK, and specifically said, no sugar. 3 PM, assignment submitted. Woohoo. Now, she began working focused on the research she was supposed to do. 4 PM, done and dusted. Sounds good? Yeah, NO. 

TDK finally arrived at the office, to her surprise, was greeted by a green tea, her favorite, apart from black tea. She sipped it, spit out everything, and looked furious. SUGAR! “Arghhhhhhh” – Chandana’s inner self screamed. At least the work got done. 

Chandana and TDK had the rest of the day going fine until…. 

Rain! It started pouring around 5 PM and rained cats and dogs till 7 PM. Of all days TDK had appointments, that day’s was important. The rain did them no good. Both got stuck, and adding on that, none of them was carrying a charger that day. 

The story ends here. 

Did their respective pending jobs and work get done? Yes, by hook or crook, they both got it done. They ended up playing 4 matches of UNO, where TDK had 3 straight wins. It’s alright, anyways Chandana was a child at that game. 

Present day- what did we learn?

Well, our fear for Wednesday hadn’t changed. But it taught us incredible lessons. Mishaps are bound to happen, no matter how assured or safe you are. Sometimes, things fall out of place, and when you try to stick it together, find some hope, and sustain a balance, well, you’ve found your inner peace. Being able to finish jobs with a do-or-die attitude doesn’t always work, yet it teaches you patience. Things are not in our hands, so as days go on, take it slow, and hold it together; not everyday will commence as you plan.

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