How has Mental Health Awareness been Impacted After Covid19?

mental health

With an alarmingly increase in mental health issues and self-destruction attempts made by humans of all races during Covid19, the torchlight from stress on physical health has gradually shifted to mental health. This blog attempts to hear voices that have either been shut down, need a hand, or simply need someone to talk to. 

For the first time, Maharani Women is extending an arm to spread awareness about mental health, how to be healthy, train your mind to be your best friend, and above all, believe in yourself. 

Mind Power | Is it a Weapon? 

Your brain is your truest form of energy, weapon, and a Dreambox. What is a Dreambox? A part of your brain that can imagine, nurture and get things done.  The mind can imagine and wander dangerous as well as incredible things. It is the most powerful source of motivation and can depict your mood, change, trick, or even challenge you. 

During Covid19, not only have we lost at least one of those we’re closely acquainted with, but we have also seen a rapid rise in mental health cases among men. Certain reports of mental abuse have also been caused to women working in their households. Children, too, were not immune to this. Wondering how to work on this?  Above is a mindmap for those who wish to progress, especially in their mental health. Download it right away, and start working! Good luck. 

How did we Evolve Since Then?

If mental health were a topic on stage about 5 years ago, no one would have paid attention to it. But if it’s a topic right now, fellow friends would be interested in lending an amount of courage, motivation, and kudos showered. In recent light, there have been campaigns to break the stigma; during May, many notable organizations have talked about the awareness, offered free counseling sessions, and more. The number seems to be increasing at a good rate; however, what if you’re unable to find a way out or don’t know if you have an issue? 

Whom to Approach or Contact for Mental Health Addresses?

Have you heard of mental health advocates? Yes, let’s talk about them. To promote cumulative and proper care for mental strength and related, any person that works toward the human rights protection of the diagnosed knows how to take care of, understands situations, and can give a hand to raise awareness about the same as a mental health advocate. 

This comes under statutory advocacy. In fact, our Maharani is an exceptional mental health advocate who has always considered being mentally strong as the key rule for any movement. A mentally sound mind can work wonders and help a long way. You can always consult 

  • Mental Health Advocates
  • A trained therapist
  • A psychologist/psychiatrist (or)
  • A friend/family whom you can trust, and
  • College/ School counselors

What Covid19 has it taught us, and how to move forward?

Some experiences during covid19 are still taunting us in our dreams. Covid19 taught us to value life equally as you would consider a physical appearance should. It has allowed us to find new ways to reach out, build amazing platforms, learn new things, and above all, value people, value humanity. With that, the need and spread for mental well-being too have increased. In the new sphere of health awareness, mental health now weighs almost 50% or even better as we talk. Our next steps in ensuring safe and proper advocacy of mental health, which could be available for all, should be:

  • Connect, learn, link, and adapt. 
  • Pay more heed and care for the people around you. 
  • Talk to people; listen to them before giving advice. 
  • Eat good food and have a profound sleep. 

With that, we bid adieu to this blog. If you are facing any mental health issues or need someone to talk to, always start by researching who might be the best fit for you and how sensitive your problem is. According to that, move forward. Covid19 did surely teach humans the greatest lesson – strengthening response and staying united. Our best picks for possible approaches will always be mental health advocates! 

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