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Jab Jutti, Met Maharani Women – A Traditional to Trendsetter Journey of Jutti

Jutti is a forever steal for any person, regardless of gender. From leather juttis worn by Rajputs as elite footwear to Tilla Juttis worn by the Punjabi household, this footwear holds an eternal emotion for the love of handcrafted, printed, sewn, and so on footwear. A royal collection that matches the ethnicity screams pride and talks about lost heritage dating centuries earlier. But wait, how did Maharani Women become one of the best sellers for affordable jutti in the recent era? To know more, keep scrolling, queen! However, a quick check on this adorable Jutti – Light Blue  Double Cushion Zari Work Handcrafted Jutti

Not to brag that our owner is a born Punjabi who has resided across India and visited many cities abroad; her favourite footwear is Jutti too! But why this love for Jutti? She says, “Jutti is always pampering, comfortable to wear, and above all, look stunning. You can never go wrong with Jutti as your first choice for footwear. Be it a traditional wear, a housewarming function, or even a work meeting in a kurta or casuals, wearing Jutti can only give enough confidence!” Her handpicked, handcrafted Jutti suggestion? Multicoloured With Pearls Embroidered Handcrafted Jutti

Watching people around her adore a product; she has decided to drop in Jutti as one of the main products available at Maharani Women. But what to introduce, and how to make them unique? Guess what? Maharani Women has been a pioneer in selling the most affordable jutti across India. They are fast-selling and are available in all designs, whether handcrafted, mirrorwork, embroidered, or printed. Any Jutti kind you need, the website has it all. 

Jutti, in the recent era, has become more relevant, and many young crowds have been eyeing them. Not only has the traditional become a trendsetter product in the fashion industry (footwear), but ethnic and North Indian elite Jutti has an emotional history attached to them. Our fast-selling Jutti for this month? Beige Gold Payal Design Punjabi Handcrafted Jutti.

Jab Jutti Met Maharani Women is a tale of two hearts. One heart is of our Maharani, and the other is you. Though the traditional journey only underlines the generational pass-on of a certain wearable (footwear over here), the love for Jutti has only spiked in recent years. 

Since you’re our elite blog reader, here’s a sneak peek at our latest collection! Not yet been released, but keep an eye on, queen! Do you like them?

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